Friday, November 2, 2007

Modern Polly Pocket!

UPDATE: This is my Saturday November 3rd post! I didn't want to break my moblopomo 07 pledge on the third day! I knew that driving up to DC for the show I would not have blog time so I did it the night before and then posted it in the morning before I left. But the date was listed as Friday! NOT FAIR, blogger! So that is my excuse! Third day and I am making excuses for a silly online pledge thingy! I need more sleep!

Maddie made Polly pocket go Modern June! The apron was hand made with love is out of polymer clay. I don't think we will be baking the poor girl, but I will cherish her until she needs a new outfit!

"For you mommy!" some of momma's favorite words! She made this for me since she knew I was in my pre-show-stress-mode! Oh mommy guilt you are a bear! I love the kerchief on her head. Who knew Polly Pocket was a housewife?

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Silvia said...

You can change the date and time of your post if you click on "post options." The default posting date/time is when you _started_ writing it. So if you want to finish something and post it later, you can change it to reflect that. HTH!