Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Just Pinned: Creativity Rules!

Thanks to Creative Something for this great list of rules that I just had to pin onto my "I have something to say" board!!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Dreamy Settee!

At last years Country Living Fair in ATL we were right across from the Happy Chair people. What happy chairs they are! I just had to take advantage of the photo op. 

So here's the dream, I would own a settee like this if I had one of those awful Mc Mansions in the far West End, you know the ones, they have master bedrooms w/ en suite (non-existent in my 85 YO home) that have the same square footage as my entire first floor. I would lie around eating bon-bon's in this chair reading novels all day long. This chair would make me happy!! 

OK! Enough of that, I just like the chair, A LOT! : )  Maybe when Modern June has some trendy warehouse loft to call home I can have my Happy Chair! A much better dream!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Country Living Tablecloths

We've got a lot of work ahead of us! Before next months Country Living Fair in Austin, Texas we'll turn these bolts of pretty gingham oilcloth into 72 tablecloths. We'll be making the tablecloths that be used for the fairs two cafe's! How fun is that?

Monday, March 5, 2012

Lovely Laminated Cottons for March

I am so excited about our current collect of laminated cotton for tablecloths and splat mats.  March is looking good!! We have added 6 new prints and added a few back in. Ya'll missed them, so we got them back!

Modern June makes laminated cotton tablecloths that are round, rectangular, oval and square! Don't forget our latest addition, the fitted laminated cotton tablecloth. I can't believe the great response for these elasticized cuties!! Sweet!

As always, our laminated cottons are all BPA, PVC and lead free, so they are great for kids of all ages!!

Here's the list! If you want to see a larger view of the material, check out our swatches at flickr.

1. Graphic Mums Brown by Heather Bailey
2. Lounge Stripe Gold by Heather Bailey
3. Graphic Mum Turquoise by Heather Bailey
4. Lounge Stripe Turquoise by Heather Bailey
5. Treasure Box Charcoal by Amy Butler
6. Charisma Midnight by Amy Butler
7. Gypsy Cobalt  by Amy Butler
8. Royal Apple Chevron by Erin McMorris
9. Citron Apple Chevron by Erin McMorris
10. Scattered Roses by Tanya Whelan
11. Falling Roses by Tanya Whelan
12. Lanterns on White by Tanya Whelan
13. Tart by Anna Maria Horner
14. Fun Blue Bloom by Anna Maria Horner
15. Twist by Anna Maria Horner 
16. Passion Lily Green by Amy Butler
17. Honeycomb Dandelion by Joel Dewberry
18. Amber Rose Bouquet by Joel Dewberry
19. Sky Rose Bouquet by Joel Dewberry
20. Amethyst Block Print Floral by Joel Dewberry 
21. Green Hop Dot by Heather Bailey
22. Green Dandy Strip by Heather Bailey
23. Moss Picnic Bouquet by Heather Bailey
24. Kimono by Ty Pennington
25. Angel Wings Spice by Ty Pennington
26. Chartreuse Moorish Tiles by Ty Pennington
27. Indigo Lattice by Sis Boom
28. Blue Paisley by Sis Boom
29. Green Lattice by Sis Boom
30. Navy Tile by Dena Designs
31. Navy Floral by Dena Designs
32. Intermission in green and yellow by Jenean Morrison

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Playing around on Pinterest: Embroidery

Photo Credit: Be So Mom
You know how it goes, you log onto Pinterest to enjoy a little eye candy and you get lost in something dreamy. Every once and a while you find a photo that stops you in your tracks. That's what this photo did for me, I found on Do it Momma's 'Adorn It' board! I was all OMG, I need to know more about this! I quickly pin it onto my inspiration board and then jumped over to Be So Mom's flickr page to see what other good stuff I could find!
Photo Credit: Be So Mom
There I learned that she has been playing around with Alicia Paulson's book, Embroidery Companion. Swoon! I've wanted that book for forever. You know what happened next, don't you? I mosied on over to Posie Get's Cozy for a little more inspiration. After taking an while to catch up on the blog, I landed on her blog post titled Blustery Day!
Photo Credit: Alicia Paulson
Alicia talks about spending a windy day curled up with her pup, tea and embroidery, while catching up on Downton Abbey. Heaven!! I have a little embroidery project too! I have an episode or two to watch too! Next thing you know, I am purchasing her Daisychain Sampler. Now don't all worried about me, I have not delusions of making a sampler -- I might as well start making a quilt. 

My personal project list is relegated to things I can make in an hour or things I can pick up here for a few minutes. Personal projects are usually code for product development. The shoe makers son...

Here's my little personal project, I've just been playing around with an old hankie and some embriory floss that I bought from my LQS, Quilting Adventures. I'm inspired by Linwood Ave's beautiful hoops. (I own two of them!!) When you look at the prints on the hankies, you can almost hear it screaming out for embroidery. Swoon!!

I don't plan on leaving it in the hoop, actually, I don't have a much of a clue what I'll do with my embellished hankie. Maybe turn it into my pillow for my mom, she like pink! My first job was at a craft store that sold crewel, latch hook and cross stitch kits and supplies. I used to make her pretty things all the time. Hmm... I think she needs something handmade, don't you?
Can you tell how long I've been working on my little-bitty project? Maybe someday soon I'll be able to take a page out of Alicia's book and really get to work. Hey, I girl can dream can't she?

Happy Sewing!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

IN STOCK: Pet Mats

Kitty-Cat Mats!!
Here at Modern June we are tying hard to improve our service and offerings. So we are shifting many of our items to stock items, so they are ready for you to enjoy! We don't like to wait for pretty things and we don't want you to have to wait either!!
Big Dog Mat!

Thanks to my bestest friend, Suzanne, we are now making our fun pet mats reversible!! Suzanne has several Modern June cat mats in her house and she commented on how grungy the back of the mat had gotten over the years, that's sssooo not good. Then I realized that mine did the same thing, NOT good, the hubby cleans ours so I hadn't noticed! We can't have grungy mats, can we?
Little Dog Mat!

Once January came around we sat down and decided which four prints we liked best. After a bit of debate (there really are too many good prints to choose from) we decided upon black lace, blue strawberries, yellow hibiscus and red fruity. Then we backed them with a fun coordinating dot or gingham. We really hope you like them as much as we do!!
Water just beads up
Oilcloth is a great fabric for this product, it's waterproof so it protects your floors nicely and the fabric is stiff enough to stay put. To clean them, just take a household brush and a gentle cleanser and give it a good scrub, the oilcloth and the cotton bias will come clean in a jiffy. You can then wipe it off or hang it up to drip-dry. Easy-peasy!!