Monday, November 5, 2007

I bought handmade!

These little guys from Needle Noodles are already in the hands of two cute little 4 year olds! The Cousins birthday party was yesterday, I am sure these little guys were lost in a sea of plastic super heros but that is OK with me. I am proud that our gifts came with out being tightly wrapped in plastic and purchased at target! I have given them enough money! I will change the world one handmade gift at a time!

I also got a few goodies to hide away for Christmas from an equally cool crafter Cleo Dee. She and I made an awesome trade! Apron for Squid! It doesn't get cooler than that ! I need this housewife squid! (Husband hint!)

Also in the crafty house this weekend was the FAMOUS Missing Monsters! She has made the cutest coloring books! A portion of the proceeds of this coloring book supports Books On Wheels- A Richmond based organization dedicated to providing free books and bike parts/ bike repair to Richmond and beyond. (check out

I Took The Handmade Pledge!

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