Monday, August 16, 2010


Heavy sigh.... I can't wait for my vacation! In just a few weeks from now I get to go off to Ocracoke Island with my dear family. This week is a bit of a nightmare, I have a book deadline to meet, a birthday party to through and our regular work to attend to. So, I will just have another look at these photos I swiped of the internets and dream of the pay off that is sure to come... 

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Chalk Cloth Chargers

Late last night our Chalk Cloth Chargers made the Etsy Front Page! Here's a peek! Those chargers keep good company!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sweet Placemats

Here's a fun story for you! I just finished three sets of oilcloth placemats for a wonderful customer--the woman wrote to tell me that they are gifts. She's heading away with some good friends for a Girl's Weekend, and that she's surprising them each with a set of my placemats! I'll tell you what, nothing makes me happier than knowing where my wares are headed off to--it makes all the hard work of running a small company worth while!

Thanks, and hugs and kisses to all of you that support Modern June--you all rock my world!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Kitty House!

Can you tell what we made this kitty house out of? We used fabric bolt cardboard inserts. I've known that I wanted to do this project for our new kitten for weeks, so I had been collecting these inserts. But, I still had to unroll a few pieces of fabric to get enough for our final build, and now my fabric stash is a mess. Your local fabric shop should have plenty of these inserts to share if you want to make you own--just find your friendly fabric cutter and I am sure she'll hook you up with plenty.
My son and I made this Kitty Play House in one evening, and it only took us an hour or two. We used a tape measure, a Sharpie, an Exacto knife (careful with that!) and about 7 cardboard bolt thingies. We liked the thicker cardboard inserts better for the main structure of the house, as they're just so much stronger. Aidan helped me get the first shelf/ledge level, so once we had our marks, we used (I used) the Exacto Knife to make notches in the vertical and horizontal bolts. We did this for strength--after all, someday that kitten will be a cat!
Next, we added some of the tri-fold cardboard bolts to add levels and some vertical structure. We didn't have a plan, just a good imagination and sense of humor. Some things we tried just didn't work, so we had to play around a bit (meaning we debated a lot)! NOTE: If and when we make another one, I will double up these tri-fold platforms as they are a bit flimsy! 
After we had made a couple of levels and a tall tower, we decided that Ozzy needed a place to hide so we enclosed the bottom with another tri-fold bolt, creating a nice peek-a-boo spot. Once we were all done with the main construction, we shored it up by giving our key joints a once over with packing tape.
Then came the fun stuff... for us and our kitten! We added a jumbo puff ball dangling from some yarn for a fun toy that hangs from the tower roof. We also poked a simple piece of pipe cleaner through the cardboard for yet another toy. We have plans to add more little surprises for him once these become old hat!
And here is a photo of a rare moment where Ozzy is just hanging out and being cool. Aidan, Ozzy, and I hope you enjoy this project too!!!