Sunday, November 11, 2007


So today as I work for the 11th day in a row without a break, I have been having a great pity party. I have listened to all my library Audio Books, I have watched my Netflix movie 3 times, and I have no desire to see any of the DVD's that I own ever again. So, bored to tears, I go over to my handy dandy "Janet-my-best-neighbor-and-terrific-friend" for a chat and some entertainment, and guess what she gave me to watch? The 20th Anniversary Collection of The Oprah show. The funny thing is, I gave this to her a few years ago for Christmas. I had forgotten all about it.

I warned Janet that I was too stressed out to watch the sad and troubling parts. Well, I did and I am a better girl for it. My life is dreamy and now I remember that! So after the deep cleansing cry for all the sad stories I now feel renewed and GRATEFUL. A good cry always helps me!

So tonight I am grateful...
  • that children forgive us parents our short comings!
  • that I have a husband that will go to the fabric store for me when I need him too.
  • that I have the best friends; that they love me, care for me and look out for me, and always help me to see what is best for me!
  • that I have found a stitcher to help me out!!!!! I can start sleeping again soon!
  • that I have a great MIL with a fab sewing machine and that she trusts me with it.
  • that I have great customers that understand that my machine is "wonky" and that their orders are coming!

But most of all, I am thankful for this pile of packages to be going out tomorrow! I am also SUPER grateful-thankful for my Bulgarian friend, Yassen that has waited so very long for me to figure out the tricks of international shipping. I am so blessed to have his support! And, his humor has me in stitches! Today he told me that he wanted me to take my package right into the jerk of a postal worker that told me it was not possible to track an international package and show him that he was WRONG! Yassen, your two new aprons are on the way! I promise.

Thanks everyone!

OK now leave me a comment with 2 things you are grateful for!


Kelly McCants said...

OK I am not thankful that I forgot about it being veterans day and that the post office was closed! I would have been grateful for more sleep or better taking a walk!


Suzanne said...

I am thankful for monkey hugs from my little man. I know one day it won't be cool to give his mom a hug.

I am thankful to have a daughter who can giggle with me over how cute Sidney Crosby is.

The innocence of youth! You gotta love it!