Thursday, November 1, 2007

UFO storage!

What to do with all those UFO's? Unfinished project are a bear to keep up with. I have so many that I often get totally freaked out by them. But on a day like today that will come in handy. I have a tons of aprons and bags that are only half way finished, some just cut out. Today I will plow through that rack, those bins and the pile of UFO's in the corner. This morning while lying in bed I thougt of get way to free up some space in my studio and better organize my UFO's.

The clear Plastic Drawer Units would be great to get all this chaos under control. They come in so many styles. I would like to get something to slide under my sewing table. I currently use the shallow ones for various notions and sewing supplies. I definitely need the clear because as a Visual Organizer I am out of sight out of mind! Suzanne at Let's Talk Organizing taught me that!

You can get drawers that stack that have so deep drawers that I think would work for my needs. But I can see a jeweler (the more shallow version) using these too. Of course paper crafter's use these they market right to them. I like this idea! I will check into it more in January when we are wanting to get organized and back on track.

But for now my rack and my bins will have to do! I am off to sew and teach! Peace out, peeps.

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Suzanne said...

Oooh, LOVE the idea!!! It's so nice to see how you are using your organizing style! It just gives me all sorts of warm fuzzies!