Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A Modern June Breakfast

How to make a healthy breakfast
By Modern June

Step 1: Sleep late (7:45 -- OK not really late for some, but late for me!). Get lucky enough to have your husband gone off to work early, and to have your children sleep way too late! Spend an hour updating Etsy site (where, by the way there are several new cute things to see) while styling a fabulous vintage apron, of course.

Step 2: Realize that if those kids don't get up soon, your husband will be so tired and angry at bedtime that this private time really wasn't worth it.

Step 3: Get out all your ingredients, realize this a great blog post, and take photos.

Step 4: Realize that you have no eggs, and run to the neighbors house for shameless begging of food supplies. Bonus, receive two great magazines to enjoy in my down time -- in January.

Step 5: Listen to kids be very sweet and cute while they play nicely together, while you blog, take silly pictures and try to actually cook the breakfast without burning anything.

Step 6: Realize that you have no place to serve this "yummy display of housewifery and motherly love" because no one (you) cleaned up the table after last nights art time.

Step 7: How to handle the unexpected guest: imaginary plush food of course.

Step 8: Push the mess aside and proceed with eating. It certainly isn't Martha. It's just me, Modern June, and my typical day. I'mm sure that June Cleaver is turning over in her make believe coffin!

Step 9: Enjoy the bliss.


tankgirl_52 said...

LOL sounds like a day at our house :)
glad to know I have another "twin" somewhere that totally gets serving the "extra guests" the kids bring to breakfast..have a great day Kelly :)
xoxo K

Kelly McCants said...

Yeah Pokemon need to eat too! LOL

I have to say that I really did not get it the first day. Maddie did this for so long with her dolls but she took care of all of it herself.

Aidan thinks I should cater to them too. HMMMM, I have some work to do here. : )

Abbie Phillips said...

Hey Kelly,

I wondered what you stay-at-home type babes did all day! Great blog and hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving. We'll have to get together soon.