Thursday, July 31, 2008

Buy Local!

Shopping local is always best! But shopping what is buying what is locally made is even better! Here is a great list on where to shop for such wonderful goodies. Look there is Modern June, Twist Style, Strawberry Fields and the local Etsy Page! Yippee! Thank you Richmond Magazine, we love you too!

Saturday, July 26, 2008


I just have to share these photos with you! The other day the three of us ended up in the studio together engaging in our own version of "splatting". I was making a stack of splat mats. Aidan was splatting out bad Jedi types. And Maddie was conquering the Pokemon world by splatting every opponent.

I was just happy to have us all in one place even if we were doing our own thing! Hey the family that "splats" together stays together. (Sorry, I couldn't resist)

Check out the to woman in the background the Generation T woman and Wonder Woman have the same stance. That is a hoot!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Modern June give-a-way!!!

Modern June is giving away a hostess cupcake apron! To enter to win go to Grocery Mama's Homemade Kitchen Promotion. The giveaway will end next Tuesday, July 30th. The winner will be randomly chosen and announced on Wednesday July 31st!

Grocery Mama it a fantastic blog with loads of wonderful information such as tasty recipes and thrifty shopping tips. Don't forget to sign up for the Grocery Mama newsletter when you are over at the give-a-way!

Tickled Pink!

Let me just say that last night's event was a blast! The turn out was incredible. There were so many lovely ladies, the red hat gals were out in full force. Too fun.

I love shows, I love watching people experience my products. There were too ladies that had just retired, the two loved my new Modern June Sandwich Wrappers but since they no longer brown bagged their lunch they were desperate to figure out who needed one. They did leave with cute little cupcake aprons for their granddaughters and plans for baking cookies soon.

Here is the funny thing about last night every single thing I sold was pink. Yep, pink! Every bib, splat mat and apron PINK! Isn't that amazing. Tony says they have a pink crowd! Any time he paints a piece of furniture pink it flies out the door. I too was drawn to pink last night check out all the pink goodies I loved.

(you know I LOVED this!!!)

Feathernesters was the first store that carried Modern June. Tony and I first met at the 17th Street Farmers Market. Modern June was brand new and I was AMAZED that someone would love my stuff enough to place it in their stores. I have to say that is the biggest compliment this crafter gets. Artisans love it when someone actually pays for something that they lovely made but when someone buys 12 at a time, well that is just so cool! The ultimate complement!

They started out carrying Market Totes and the Aunt Bea Oilcloth aprons. Over the last two years they picked up all kinds of goodies. The guys stocked up last night on oilcloth aprons and totes. They took every single tote I had made! (Time to crank out some more!!!) You can now get bibs and deluxe splat mats in the store. As well as my cool oilcloth banners! Soon they will carry the oilcloth placemats for people and pets.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ladies' Night Out

Come visit me tonight at Feathernesters where I will set up a bit of the Modern June goods!

Thursday, July 24:
Ladies’ Night Out! 6 - 8 pm

Enjoy a very special evening of shopping, food and fun here at Feathernesters! We will be serving up some delicious chocolate inspired desserts and other delicious goodies along with summery, cold fizzy drinks!

Meet several of our guest artists who make some of the items available here in the shop and see some special merchandise they have made just for this special evening!

Plus shop our very special “Lucky Lady” Corner where we will be featuring some very special bargains - just for you!

The neighboring stores here at the Lakeside Towne Center will be participating also so there will be plenty to do!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Look what Don found...

Every couple of days Don sends me a link or to that I just have to see. Todays link was this awesome house featured on Design Sponge. OMG! Can I have it?

party pics!

Our Guest of honor! Nikole and Baby Thea hang out with Kate in the hot-hot-heat! Will someone tell me what I was thinking? A July garden party in Virginia? I blame Dawn for not smacking me in to sense! At 2:55 I was nearing heat stroke just from setting up. The party started at 3:00 and it was all so pretty out side so we went forward. Plus my house was a bit of a mess, typical Kelly piles here and there. Dawn grabbed a broom and told me to grab a tablecloth just in case! Mental note prepare for anything.

The table was, if I may say so myself was so pretty! Funny how things just turn out nicely with out a lot of planning. I just used what I had! Love that.

Adrein took some great photos for me while I did the last minute things inside. I love this picture taken from the Grotto. The umbrella needed banners! next time.

Are you looking at me?

This overexposed photo gives you the feeling of how hot is really was!

We made a run from the heat for cake and presents.
It was Dawn's idea, she is the smart of the two of us!
I wish I knew what we were cracking up over.

Baby kimono from Nicole Lee! LOVE IT!

Happy baby Oliver! Two crafty babies! How lucky are we?
We have two RCM members getting married. I can't wait for those showers!!!
With out the record heat please!

Monday, July 21, 2008

party flowers

Nicola Floral Flowers, originally uploaded by ModernJune.

I have always wanted to do this type of arrangement... loads of pretty flowers all loosely arranged in jelly jars. Finally a reason to do so. I adorned the jars with a bit of ric rac for that Modern June touch.

row of flowers, originally uploaded by ModernJune.

Nicole at Nicola Floral helped me find some flowers that looked as if I picked them from my own garden. I have never had enough flowers blooming at one time to put together such a display. If I did there would not be anything left in the garden. Some year I want to create a picking garden in the old veggie garden. We gave up on that due to the squirrels. Someday!

Now I get to enjoy them! I have put them all over the house! LOVELY!

Friday, July 18, 2008

a place of baby!

I am still having a lot of fun with this baby shower!!! I love place cards, what a treat for the hostess and guests! I hardly ever work with paper so I was happy as a clam to do something different. I think the mommy will love this too. Our crafty baby is already with us but for a traditional baby shower you could use the expectant parents baby photos! I like that I idea a lot!

I started by swiping a baby photo off my friends flickr page! I LOVE that site! I simply dragged it into a word doc and printed off several pages. Then with my handy dandy paper cutter I cropped them to size.

Next I gathered some card stock and a glue stick!
Since I am using the red polka dot oilcloth tablecloths I went with the polka dots!

All I had to do was cut the card sized paper in half and center the baby photo!

Simple and sweet place card for the baby shower! Using the fork was Martha's Idea!

I don't think I will actually put name on them. What do you think?
Don has better handwriting I might have him do it!

I really loved these ideas too!

Winged Place Cards
Candy Place Cards

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Too much fun!

Can someone come to my house and make me work because I am having too much fun! After my last post I got to thinking about the dishware for the party. I hate to use all that plastic and paper. This tabletop from the last Martha makes me want to use my Fiesta Ware! But the colors are not a great match and with out a staff the idea of washing all of them sounds tiresome. I know this is not a very green attitude!

So off to the cabinet that holds all those plastic plates I have purchased over the years. I have to have something that would work, there I found these! I totally forgot about these super Kitsch paper plate holders. Where did these cuties come from? I just can not remember, Janet's attic maybe? My MIL's attic? I should know this.

They rock don't they? And look I even have some old school paper plates. I know it is a fine line between kitsch and tacky! : ) They might have to change! At least the super fun plate holders will keep me from ordering these. I really love them but I will happily use what I have!

Oilcloth for parties!

I have been totally obsessed with oilcloth tablecloths. I mean what is not to love? Pretty and practical. I have been whipping them out in droves! I love making them they really make me happy!

This weekend we, the Richmond Craft Mafia, are having a baby shower for our dear friend Nikole's baby girl Thea. I have the honor of hosting it in our backyard. I have been really enjoyed reclaiming our backyard from it's current jungle-like state.

I have moved a few things around. Our new umbrella recently broke and of course I have no receipt for it so I just remove the darn thing completely. Then I moved the table to the grotto! I love it there and I always have. I moved it a few years ago thinking that our family would eat al fresco more frequently if I moved the table closer to the house. NOT! My kids HATE to eat outside because of fly's and bugs.

I like my outdoor office!

With the table gone from it's spot, I had a moment of brilliance, I moved the hammock to the back of the house. The back of our house needs a focal point, it is very plain Jane with it's one ugly window. That wall needs 3 lovely windows so I can sew and enjoy the outdoors. This would make my Cave like studio less oppressive!

I digress...wasn't the subject supposed to be oilcloth tablecloths?

Lately I have been doing large orders for parties. One client purchased 4 oilcloth tablecloths in all yellow poppy for her annual backyard party. She decided to use the same color to tie in all the different size tables. Then for an engagement party someone ordered four 60" tablecloths in four different colors. Roses, yellow poppy, red fruity and blue strawberries. That was very fun!

Now for myself I am going to use the Red Polka Dot tablecloths from my craft show stash as a starting point. I will use these on the long row of tables then I will a table runner in red fruity. I will use my current Red fruity tablecloths on the food and drink tables. And of course all my little side tables get their fun table topper in Red Polka Dots!

fun, fun, fun!

Look what I found...

FANCY FENCES, Girls' 4t Dress, vintage linen tablecloth

by MomaPear
I would have loved to have put Maddie in dresses like this! WOW! I just love this idea!!!

Zipper Pouch Coin Purse, Blue Red Green Vintage Mexican Tablecloth

LOVE THIS!!! Look what Mary's Bags ETC. is up to....what a great idea!!!!
She also makes greeting cards with the tablecloths too.

Vintage Retro Tablecloth Tote with Gingham

Vintage tablecloths, red buttons and gingham --- oh my!
Totes by Charlotte is making some super cute totes, HMMMM this might really need me!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Here is something you really have to check out -- the latest DIY CITY MAG tells us all we ever need to know about New Orleans and its creative spirit. And, check out the article about the The New Orleans Craft Mafia written by our own Nicole Lee!

I would love to take a road trip with my Crafty Crew and use this mag as our tour guide. OH man that would be a blast!

Join our Richmond DIY community site by sending me your email address so we can send you an invite!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

science at home

Yesterday Aidan wanted to make a volcano. I told him that I was working and that we could do it during lunch. He assured me that I would not be needed, that he could do it himself. And that is just what he did. Maddie joined in on the fun and suggested that they play scientist. Aprons and goggles (3D glasses) were adorned and they got busy.

An hour later they had whipped me out of lemon juice and vinegar. A quick trip to the local grocer and they were set for the rest of the day. By dinner time my kitchen (even though I cleaned it 3 times) was a disaster and I was out of all baking soda, food coloring and vinegar yet again!

So for about 6 bucks they had a no Mommy--no TV--giggling good day! And I have a really clean counter top after all that baking soda and vinegar! LOVE THAT!

Monday, July 14, 2008


Last week when I was in a funk I made myself go down to the studio and make the room a little bit nicer. Here is the results...

Nicole Lee magnet turned handy dandy pin cushion

My four lil' dudes from A. Bel Studio. They are magnets but I stuck them up on the wall with foam tape. You can too if you just buy the cake toppers from their supply shop.

Meet KRAZY! He is my new studio mate! I got him at the Crafty Bastard show last month! I LOVE HIM! We were setting up for the show when I heard Sloane from Sloane's Creations (Norfolk Craft Mafia) say that this is what she does with all the leftover tissue paper. I looked over and she was holding my bird! I feel in love!

KRAZY is a homegrown organic swan gourd that is decorated with hand-painted recycled tissue paper. Isn't he the best?

On the left are Aidan's "Magorians". I have no idea where he comes up with this stuff. They have an entire story line. Amazing. On the right are sweet treetop owls from Erica! What a sweet little gift from my arty fartsy friend!

These are fun, they are just some simple paper dots that were in a craft show swag bag.
I just thought they were to cool let go of. I love tape.

Just a cool patchwork vintage apron that I really love!

Show me your inspiration wall, leave me a link. I want to see something inspiring!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Do you remember the character that Bill Murray played in the movie Lost in Transition ? (FYI, watch it for free on the Hulu site) Well that is me today. I just walk around feeling all moopy. Heavy sigh. I forced myself to change my inspiration wall in the studio in hopes that I might get motivated to get something done today. Here it is....

This makes me LOL! I like to imagine that this is my mannequin JUNE hanging out with her boyfriend the patio daddio!

I will post more over the next few days!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

It happened again!

I had no idea! Look what I found this morning via my Stat Counter link page... The Modern June Faux Bois Oilcloth Apron (the Patio Daddio Apron) made it on the front page of Etsy on Sunday as well. Yippie for June! Two front pages in one day. WOW!

I would love to thank Ottoman Handmade for grabbing the screen shot and fortunately. unfortunately. by ReeesaT for creating a seriously cool treasury!! Their stuff rocks! ReeesaT makes Hugo's -- I think Aidan needs a Hugo!

The other two sellers at the bottom of the page are anatomyofaskirt, and jessicajane!

Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July

It was a long and lovely weekend! I actually took two days off in a row -- that is unheard of!
Here is a peek at the young ones in our clan! I hope you all had a fun filled 4th!

Sparklers are cool!