Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A "green" bowl

I have a list that I keep with things I want to do when I am not super busy. I call it the "To Do In January List". At the top of the list is: to really homeschool my kids well. But that is not up for discussion here, at least not now!

On the list are many practical items to do, like spruce up all of my patterns. Make some new patterns (I couldn't help but start this process already, cuz I don't have enough to do!) :P Go after some new wholesale opportunities. And of course, sleep.

But, there are some fun things to do too. I want to make these bowls that I found while checking out my blog reading list. You know how it goes, you read something at one great blog and then you end up at some other cool blog to only end up some where else really fantastic. Well, I have ended up at A Little Hut a few times, what a great blog! So pretty and full of great crafty goodness. These bowls are fab! I love a good tutorial.

I can't wait, but I will try. I can see the kids and I spending a cold winter's day making these while listening to a good audio book. (after a nice long and thoughtful day of homeschooling of course.)

Special thanks to Patricia for letting me share all this with everyone.

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diana said...

i love these!! we will be making these too!! i have a list of linked to progects i want to do too!!!