Wednesday, November 7, 2007


So instead of school this week the kids have been left to their own creative selves. Yesterday I came into the dining room and heard the kids collaborating on this. They said it was their new comic book. No call from DC Comics yet!

One thing that I love about this unschooling week is this Webkinz Club form that Maddie worked on all day Monday. She revised and edited until it was just right. And then learned how to use our copier. Who says we didn't work on spelling, writing and grammar?

And Aidan and I are having a power struggle over math. I know he knows much more than he communicating to me. Earlier this week I tried to get him to do a Math Fact sheet and got a load of disinterest and a fair share of DIS! So I made it crafty math and we made a big book of doubles. When I asked him to help me with the answers he rattled them all out quickly! Who's trickier, me or him? I tell ya add glitter glue to math and you can get them thinking every time!

I love my blog it helps me see how our lives create balance in the end. I get obsessed with the balance of each day and forget to look at it over a week or a month. Keeping this record of our lives really is wonderful.

Todays project, sun catchers for them and oilcloth tree skirts for me! Structured reading, writing and arithmetic will come next week! For now real life is our lesson!

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