Tuesday, October 30, 2007

NoBloPoMo 07 Band Wagon!

I am a joiner! I love me a group of fellow compadres (sp). I just was reading The Fabulous Miss D's blog A peek behind Lark Studio and found this cool challenge and group. Ok I need another group like a fish needs water. Or is it like a hole in the head? Either way I am all for it! I gladly take the challenge!

The challenge is simple:

"You get yourself a blog, if you don't have one already...post something to your blog every day, in accordance with the National Blog Posting Month challenge!"

In other words GET YOUR BLOG ON, baby! Check out the NoBloPoMo site and join in on the fun! Let me know if you sign up and I will add you to a special little blog roll that I will create here on Modern June!


Dawn Anderson said...

How'd you get that cool side bar thingy!?!

Nicole Lee said...

How cool is that! Would it be wrong to join in on the NaBloPoMo just to get the snazzy music player? :-)