Saturday, November 24, 2007

Giving to Momma

In the last week my two sweet children have both realized that Momma needs gift too! This is nice to see for several reasons, one is that they love me so very much, the second is that they have taken a break from forming their wish lists for just a moment! Third is proves that I have done a good job! Right?

Maddie was pouring through the Sunday paper Ads (she was clipping out good things to paste onto her wish list) the other day and she came to me with a WALMART AD and asked me what I liked. Yikes! Well the page was covered with diamonds! Well fake diamonds but how sweet that was. I told her that I loved the idea of her getting me jewelry for she knows how much I love a good necklace and semi matching earrings! How very sweet is that? I don't own a single diamond!

Last night at bed time Aidan and I were snuggling for a bit and he realized that he could get me a present too. Wow! it was an AH-HA moment for him. He was so excited. He thought and thought and then he must of seen me holding an ugly doll because he came up with something.
He told me he had to order something for me and I was not to open any amazon packages. He then told me he did not want to "know which ugly doll he picked out for me"! The moment was too sweet, he did not even realize that he told me the surprise.

I am learning that it take a good deal of un-learning to buy handmade and to buy local! I too am having difficulties with it! But with baby steps my little family will begin to do the right thing!

So Maddie and I had a chat about how cool it would be for her to pick out something that one of my friends made! It would be just so special. She agreed!

Aidan and I chatted about how I would rather have one of his monsters instead, he thought about it hard and then told me that that would take forever for him because "they are made by you Mamma!" I went to sleep giggling thinking about Don being art directed by Aidan and sewing for week making my gift.

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