Thursday, May 31, 2007

Apron Strings

I have started a new Flickr group called " Apron Strings," I hope you all join in on the crafty fun!

you love them
you wear them
you collect them
you covet them
you treasure them

But how do you Display them?

That's what I want to see at Apron Strings. Posie Gets Cozy has them hanging on the wall in several rooms. I traded aprons for soap with a fellow vendor that had her aprons up as curtains in her kitchen. I saw a table cloth made out of aprons on HGTV the other day...

So get them out of the drawer iron them up and get creative and then grab the camera and show me what you come up with. They are art after all!

My door of aprons is a mix of vintage and ones that I have made. I love this photo. The rooster apron came from my friends Aunt. She gave me three of her great Aunts Aprons. How cool is that? I could not sell them, so I kept one and gifted the others. This one had a little note pinned to it. I love that!

The other one is one that I made with sew mama sew fabric. I need to get those finished and listed soon.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Purse Project

So my friend Lynn tells me about all the cool stuff found on the crafty web. Last week she told me about the Purse Project. I am so excited about this group. I need a itty bitty break from making aprons and to get crafty in other ways! This is a brand new project! Thanks Barb for taking the time to create a great new fun place to share. The first challange is to...

Make a tote or a purse using a tea towel (vintage or new).

Don't you just love the vintage tea towel. The woman that sold it too me commented on how 50's she thought it was! I have many more to come. I got a lot of tea towels on my outing! Yeah. Check back to see what becomes of them. For now you can head over to ModernJune.etsy and grap this one of a kind bag!

Holly Hobbie and Scissor Shirts

I just couldn't help but share this moment! Maddie, tired of waiting for me to make Holly Hobby a new apron, just made her own. She did it all herself except for the cutting, I cut it out because she is a lefty.

This i my childhood Holly Hobby, she has been well loved. She not only misses her apron but her braids too. My best childhood birthday ever was my Holly Hobby Birthday, I was 10 years old. There was blizzard blazing outside but my mom still took me and my friends to The Pizza Inn. We were the only ones there big surprise!!!! My mom had a cake made in the shape of my prized doll! I was so surprised! It was one of those icing dot cakes...It's all about making a memory, thanks Mom. You can tell that I snagged this photo. Sorry.

I need to buy Maddie a proper pair of shears. That would be a good birthday gift. Yes, a sewing kit! She would be to trilled! I really need to teach both my little ones to sew this summer!

I almost forgot, speaking of shears, check out the t-shirt I ordered off esty! I can't wait!!!! I really wanted a tunic dress t... I get that when I lose all that weight I am planning of losing this summer. Very sexy stuff. I really want the yellow shirt for Don. Too fab!


I really love the story behind the graphic...

"These were my grandmother's sewing scissors that I now use for everything. I have honored them with this silk screen. I drew them with lots of line detail. I hand pulled them in black ink using my table top press."

I want them all! Got that sweet hubby?

To find circularaccessories head on over to her Esty site!

She has a flickr page as well a great blog! Go check it out!!!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

New Item!

I just had to do it! Maybe it's because I don't make enough things I thought I would start making table cloths. What do you think? Not original but really cool, right?

Don't you think I should list them as custom orders. This would be to hard to keep on hand everyone would want a different color and have a different shaped table. I am off to esty to list it!

I am trying not to work too much this weekend... we'll see when the "Crafty Goddess" gives yo the urge to create you just have to do it! And look at this cool fabric that came in the mail yesterday. It is begging me to make Fathers Day aprons and to MAKE THEM NOW!!! The first round will go off to Strawberry Fields and then the 2nd round will be on the esty site.

Happy Holiday weekend.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A real strawberry field!

It's strawberry season in Virginia. This is the second year Christi and I have met at a great farm in King William County. Right Christi? The strawberries were small but yummy, and oh so lovely. The rows were filled with these little blossoms. First we pick, and then off to her house for a sugar extravaganza for the kids.

Aidan opened up here with Christi, he is usually my quite one. Not yesterday. He talked and talked to her, AND got along with Charlotte. Aidan's not into babies or toddlers -- he never has been. I love the way children grow when you least expect it. See the tall grass in the background the kids go adventuring in there? Last year they all got lost and freaked out. This year they did not go in but so far, and stayed close together. They did not want another freak-out incident! Smart kids.

Maddie and Charlotte wandering the fields.

bugs and blossoms

Issac's creation

Asa and Maddie's culinary masterpieces

Aidan's first smiley face went head first over the table and splatted onto the floor. Good thing they have a dog. It was really messy!

I like this photo for the background as much as the chocolate guy treat!

Issac and Charlotte

They all did this and then ran around asking us if they had SOUL!

Meanwhile Charlotte let loose and had a sugarpalozza! I have not seen a child have such a massive sugar rush in a long time! She sang everything she had to say, like an operetta or musical.

Remember chick day? Well here they are 4 weeks later.

Here are the latest chicks, laid and hatched by Christi and Duncan's older hens. They have enough eggs for all now! This is all so new to me, something I would NEVER EVER do, so I am fascinated by it all! I must have taken 3 dozen pictures of these chickens just this year.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Local shop: Strawberry Fields

So I am going to have a new blog feature... profiling local shops. I thought of this when I posted about that cute little store in Ashland, Ladybug Cottage. I now have a great little shop in the Fan that is going to start carrying my stuff, Strawberry Fields. Here is just a tiny peek at what is fun and cute in this shop. Not only can you buy up a great gift, but you can also pick from a great assortment of flowers as well. I really like that! I wish it was in our hood! Might be too dangerous!

I love, love, love these colors. I never showed you my new bedrooom last week did I? These orange candles would look great in my new room! I would have to leave the tags on the pear candle. Great taggage!!! I just dolled up a few plain candles with hemp and wire, but I should have just gotten these. I tell you the orange ones are mine!

Modern June will be adding some baby stuff in to this great mix! You can't really see them well in this picture, but I really like the Alphabet Card sets you see around these days. I wish I had them when my wee ones were still wee. That would be agreat addition to a vintage-style baby room.
Three Little Bear soaps!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Look what I found today!

check this out OMG it is a hoot!

To piant

The start of a great love!

I really need some sunshine. I have lots of photos to take. I need to photograph these splat mats so I can package them up. I love this pile of splat mats. It is Mexican oilcloth crazy. I love, love, love oilcloth the colors, the smell, the feel.

My love for oilcloth comes from my "GRR". I even know the exact date December 25, 1973. My brother was 5 days old and my mom and he had just arrived home from the hospital. My grandma had taken me to see my new baby brother.

Well on the way home I remember it was snowing like mad and my Grr caused a young woman to rear end her car. The woman was really nasty but the people that lived on the corner of the street where we were stranded for hours were great. While my Grr took care of the car,the police and the really ill-mannered woman I was taken in to their home. I was given treats to eat and I was given my first oilcloth purse. They even told me that Santa knew I was coming to their house and left if just for me! How sweet was that. The bag was so shiny, white and had that oilcloth smell. I wish I could tell her all about this crazy journey I am on, but she has been suffering from Alhimezer for over a decade. Man I miss her!

It was about a year ago that I rediscover oilcloth. I was gearing up to sell my vintage aprons at the Farmers Market. I needed a few more things to sell. I thought long and hard about what I would want to have for the market. " basket?" that lead me to this photo in one of my favorite cookbooks, The Healthy Kithchen...

Now I new I was not taking up the art of basket weaving so I came up with the Market tote. This tote was designed with the market in mind, the height is not too tall and the depth is wide so you can see your goods and so they will not get squashed (and if they do hey it whip clean!)

A lingering icky cough has troubled my hubby, my kiddo's and now me! Coupled with a rainy day I say--- day off! No school, only fun work, and a lot of couch time reading with the kids!

What I really want to do today is this! Lynn told me about this yesterday. I am so upset that I can not find my favorite vintage tea towel. It has the calender from 1968 the year I was born. A trip to The Robin's Nest is in order. I am sure to find something FAB there! If I can not find one there bet I could find a nice repro tea towel at Feathernesters. Shopping and rain don't mix with me today. I wait till tomorrow. Maddie and I can have an afternoon of it. A lovely Mommy date!

So for today it's this pile of scraps that will have my fuzzy attention. I am seeing oilcloth button flowers. Remember those special vintage buttons I have been hording, let's see what I can do with those! I post that later!

This one is better than the first one that I had posted, it was to big and wonky! I like that one a lot!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


These cloths ALMOST make me want to have another baby! ALMOST! The designer of this line is a mother of 3 under 5! I was really impressed that she does this as well. I was not suprised that she ordered a splat mat form me. Kristin was one splat mat enough? Your stuff is so pretty keep up the great work!

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Look who is wearing ModernJune

Look at these super cute kids wearing Modern June aprons! My crafty friend Suzanne arranged for her church to buy this aprons for their Sunday school classes and for the celebration of their new playground!

What a great thing that is. I tell ya the apron is all about making memories! I love my craft!

Stir Crazy

Check this out, our neighborhood coffee shop, Stir Crazy has let me put up my Aprons. They feature a different artist every month. This month the artist did not fill up the back area of the cafe. So they let me fill it up! Too nice!

Thanks, Jerry and Jim!