Monday, October 1, 2007

Puppets for my little puppets!

Every once and a while I go to a really rock'n craft show and I get to sell my stuff and I get to buy stuff. Well yesterdays Crafty Bastard Show was not one of those shows. All there was time to do was to sell, sell, sell. I finally got away from the Richmond Craft Mafia group booth to run over to My Paper Crane. It was 4:40, 20 minutes to closing time. She was all packed up! She must have sold out! WOW!

At these ultra cool shows I buy cute little things for the kids. It is my way of saying that I am sorry that they have to put up with me and Modern June. My way of dealing with the guilt for not being home with them on a Sunday. But really for the week leading up to these events. It takes a lot out of all of us. But this time I came home empty handed.

So on the very long way home from D.C. last night I decided that we would make our own lovies today! So while still in our jammies at 3:00 this afternoon we started making our own cool stuffies! Well they were supposed to be stuffed but instead they became puppets. This was decided because I have two tons of work to do before I go to bed and because I have a van full of crafty madness just waiting for me to unload! yuck.

So puppets for my little puppets! And now they are up playing with the little somethings that they made with their Mommy. I like this way of dealing with my mommy guilt much better. And this way next time I am at the My paper Crane booth I can shop for me! I wish I had gotten one of these! How sweet are these? That Heidi, she is cool n' crafty chica!


Silvia said...

Hi Kelly--Cool puppety things! I'm going to submit this post for the Make it from Scratch carnival. I'm hosting this one. :)

Stephanie said...

What sweet puppets!