Thursday, November 1, 2007

REDUX...retro home office!

I like this retro home-office ides from! Fun and Funky!
It is so bright, shiny and fresh. Makes me jealous! Posie Gets Cozy has a nice bright space!
My studio is a cave! One day I shall have some french doors done there and over look the back yard, won' that be nice!

Please check out the entire retro home office slide show for more FABU ideas.
Truly inspiring! I like this crafty project (below) wrapping paper and red fabric cover canvases for artwork on the cheap. Speaking of wrapping paper has anyone checked out the Martha Stewart line of craft supplies at Michael's. Truly great stuff. Yesterday I was looking at the wrapping paper in that line, it is stunning!

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Suzanne said...

I ABSOLUTELY love this office! Good work, lady! (Can you tell I am catching up on all of my blogs tonight?)