Wednesday, November 14, 2007


What to blog about today? This blogging everyday is hard. I won't bore you with my "super productive day" details. Instead, I will show you some photos from yesterday's day off! I was a real housewife, through and through. Shoot... I had to be, my house was a disaster and we were in code RED laundry crisis!

Watch it now! This is a picture for the flickr group Apron Outfits -- you take a shoot of yourself wearing an apron. Dress-up for grown-ups! You'll find some super fun photos and the best aprons around! And damn if that door isn't covered in finger prints already!!!!

Fall Ledges -- this is really new for me, but I like the colors. Heck, I'm glad I finally took down Halloween. After I took this pic, I bought a few more gourds at Azalea Garden Center to add a bit more orange and yellow. I would love to have some more green pillar candles too. But, I am trying to "use what I have." Another great flickr group!

My Grandma and Granddad brought Irish Cottage music boxes back from Ireland way too many years ago. They must have bought 20 at least -- one for everyone in the family. I finally got mine about two years ago! And it makes me so happy! I miss my Grr and Granddad!

Like my fire in the fireplace? They are twinkle lights. Dorky but fun! I love the vintage suitcase as a side table. Right after I bought this great suitcase, Aidan changed the code on the lock before i could write it down, so now we can never get inside the silly thing. On top is Maddie's first embroidery project!

Maddie had fun with the camera at the garden shop. Oh man, I love me some Johnny jump ups!

I am off to watch the new season of Project Runway! Have fun.

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lynn said...

Your house is lovely.