Monday, November 28, 2011

Quilt Market: Eye Candy Part 2

How lovely it all of this?  Colette Patterns make me giddy.
Amy Butlers new line of loveliness!! Lark laminates are coming soon!!

Lark Laminated have been ordered!!
This is my favorite!
I am seeing this for my winter tablecloth!
Dear Anna Maria Horner trims and ribbons, how I want to play with you all.
Pretty sewing boxes with Lou Lou Thi prints. Want. Need. Must. Have.
See what I mean?
Gotta have some of this bias binding for the shop!
What's next for Anna Maria? Needle point canvas!!!

Jan DiCintio from Daisy Jane had a very lovely booth. I meet her and her friend Patricia Zapata at Fabric 2.0. I am big fans of their work it was so nice to meet them!!
The colors are so pretty!
I want that green pillow!
Ty Pennington was in the house but I missed him. Bummer!
What a fun way to display the new fabrics.
I really wish that we could get some of this medallion print in laminated cotton. 
Please Westminster. Pretty please! 
I saw a lot of inspiration boards in the booths. I love the use of 
lifestyle shots to sell fabric. I'd love to try that in a retail booth sometime. 
Love the faux brick walls and fabric display for Shabby Chic fabrics

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Quilt Market: Sunday

On Saturday and Sunday I had the honor of sharing Sewing with Oilcloth at four booths at Quilt Market! We started with a book signing in the Oilcloth International on Saturday morning. It was so very nice to hang out with those wonderful ladies! Then in the afternoon I did demos at United Notions and Checkers Distributors.
Here I am on Sunday at the Brewer Booth.  It's so much fun to share my love for the slick stuff.
 I am a very happy author!
 We had a very good time!!
We gave out over 120 signed copies of Sewing with Oilcloth that weekend with the hopes that the fabric shop owners would go home be able to educate their shoppers in just how much fun this fabric is. You know me, I am just trying to get more members for the Oilcloth Addict club. 
 Team Wiley! Publishers of love, crafty goodness, and Sewing with Oilcloth!! These hard working people made the weekend delightful. I am very lucky gal!!! 

Honesty, I couldn't have had more fun or meet nicer people.  Thanks Quilt Market, Oilcloth International and Wiley for having me!!!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Quilt Market: Saturday

On Saturday night the newest Wiley authors were treated to party! 
It was great to meet all some really great people after a long day at market.
I really wish that all the photos that I took had came out better, maybe instead of party pics
 you could indulge me with a little name dropping! 
I got to hang out with... 

Karen LePage, Co-Author of Sewing for Boys
Kathie Sever, Co-Author of Make Stuff Together
Cardie and Anjelica from Oilcloth International
Anna Maria Horner (she knew my name!) 
Jacinda from Prudent Baby
Patty Young
Kristen Link!! from Sew Mama Sew
Rashida Colman-Hale from I heart Linen
Colleen, Jack and Christine from Team Wiley

I am a ashamed to say that I have lost my stack of business cards and most of brain since QM. So please forgive me for not mentioning the rest of you by name. You know who you are! Please email me your contact info!! It was great to meet you.

The party was great, it was so laid back and the Treehouse was a great space! My new friend Jack (the sales guy from Wiley) played the role of dad and told us all not to stay up too late. I kinda wish that I had listened to him, because getting up Sunday was a bit difficult on very little sleep. Come back tomorrow and see my photos from my demo, I don't look too tired. (fingers crossed)

Friday, November 25, 2011

Quilt Market: Eye Candy Part 1

Welcome to Fabric Dreamland of Love!!
Tina Givens pretty booth

Jenean Morrison's floor was to die for!
Oilcloth International Booth of Oilcloth love!
oilcloth bowl
Oilcloth walls!!
Sandi Henderson's booth
Laminated Cotton Umbrella!!
Happy fabric from Birch
Best Quilt Ever!
I want the wheel/bird fabric now!
totally cute tee pee
I want to play with it all!!!
Moda Home's cowboy love

Serendipity Studio's booth never disappoints.
I just love the swatch wall
Sweetwater Fabrics
Moda Fabric
Alexander Henry's booth had a Day of the Dead theme!
Jan DiCintio is a total sweetheart! I can't love her fabric lines more!