Tuesday, September 30, 2008

crafty bastards, a banner show

Can I just say I love this show! What is not to love about a craft show called Crafty Bastards. I love it a lot! Despite bad weather we made out great, did some good shopping and met tons of great peeps. My best show yet!

The top selling item had to be the Modern June Oilcloth Banners. I tell you we just can't make enough of them! Holiday Banners are coming to my Modern June Etsy shop soon, so keep your eyes open for those to be listed soon. I hope to have a few more Halloween banners ASAP. Jennifer is busy cutting the super fab ORANGE LACE oilcloth now. I sold out of the Christmas and Halloween banners this weekend. But don't fret, April has a dozen in the works, 6 are spoken for already (Feathernesters) but there will be plenty to go around!

Trust me there will be loads of goodies for everyone.


I recently got an email from my buddy Jennie asking me where I went off to last week. She reads the blog and was thinking that something had to be up since I hadn't posted all week. Well let me tell you life can throw you a curve ball or two. Last week I had three.

First off, my mom was rushed to the hospital again last week. Her condition was so scary that at one point that the hospital was taking nursing home care,she snapped out if that afternoon, I wonder if she heard them talking and decided to fight for the right to go home. : ) She had another reaction to a med that rendered her completely incoherent and completely unable to care for herself. I have about 2000 more gray hair from this horrid experience. She is doing better but I can sense it is far from over.

Second curve ball, a horrid accounting deadline that totally sprung up on me. I did it though, some how I did what I truly dread. Bookkeeping...yuck.

My third challenge was staying focused enough to get ready for the Crafty Bastard show that was held on Sunday. That's another 4000 grays, I need a professional color after my week from hell.

Now I am left with a ton of deadlines that will be really hard to meet if I plan to sleep this week. Calgon take me away, far-far away. Hell I would be happy with a clean bathtub and some clean cloths.

There is some really great news, I have raised over 250.00 for the Lewis Family Memory Walk. October 1st if bank day so if you can please feel free to share a little bit at the donation page. A big thanks to those that helped. My Aunt Peggy's total is now $16,409.57. AMAZING!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

my finds--shopping local!

The deadline for the Richmond Handmade Holiday applications is tomorrow, so that reminds me it is time to see who is new and out there selling it Richmond. How would do I want to see at our show? Basically who do I want to buy from, just to name a few....

Muse Glass, Custom copper dot! All four of these
hanging in different lengths would be really cool!

Dingo Cards

I LOVE this! Sherri Conley

Local homeschooling mamma and friend, Donnabelle!
watering can!

lookablity flip books! FUN!!!

A touch of star dust!

From Bum to Baby, what a great name!

Ernst and Thistle
Domari Nola = I will not be subjected!
OK, that cracks me up!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

busy-busy bee's

I only have a minute to write. Life is so darn busy these days I just can't find an hour to post. I haven't forgotten you all. I know it is no less busy than everyone esles but busy non the less. Thank goodness I have a great team of independent contractors working on stuff along with me! School is so busy right now I just couldn't do it with out them!

thank you team june!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Fund Raiser for Alzheimer's!

In memory of my dear Grr, whom passed away last December, I am having a Modern June style fundraiser! A portion of all Modern June sales go towards my Aunt Peggy's new of $13,000. She has already surpassed the first goal of $10,000 AND her second goal of $12,000. I hope to help her reach this incredible goal.

For years she and other members of our family have participated in the Kansas City Memory Walk. All funds go to help the Alzheimer's Association advance important research into better treatments and a possible cure for Alzheimer’s. For the millions already affected by the disease, the Association offers care, education, support and resources in communities nationwide.
Time is running out; the walk is less than 3 weeks away.

This year over 200,000 people across the nation are expected to take part in Memory Walk. Now is the time to "MOVE" and our destination is a world without Alzheimer's. I hope you'll be able to help, but if not, it's OK. Thank you very much for your consideration; it is deeply appreciated.
So, if you have been waiting to purchase some Modern June goodies please do so soon. NOW's the right time to buy from Modern June and know you are giving hope at the same time. I will keep a running total for the next 3 weeks in the side bar of this blog. I have 61.20 in the kitty already!

To find a Memory Walk near you check out Alzheimer's Association.

Please help us remember those that are suffering, those that we have lost and help the rest of us to hope. SHOP MODERN JUNE!!!

Friday, September 12, 2008


butterfly, originally uploaded by ModernJune.

Today we found this lovely butterfly enjoying a neighbors front garden, while taking a school break. We had gone out to ride our scooters and then started a watching a neighborhood kitty hunting bugs near the garden when we say this awe inspiring sight. It was so cool to watch it work with the flower and hang on in the breezy air.

Our movement break became a nature break!

monarch, originally uploaded by ModernJune.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

she's crafty

Recently, I started to take one week day afternoon off a week. No sewing or email, just fun. I try to take the kids out for a good time and then the rest off the time is just for me! No kids TV, no play dates, the kids get to log in some computer time and play their hearts out. What do I do? BRAVO TV!! I plug myself into the fun design-show-plooza. Project Runway, Rachael Zoe and Top Designer. Heaven, absolute heaven!

While I have been chillin' out I saw this great necklace on the Etsy front page, I thought this would make a great Etsy Finds subject. Here is a "she's crafty" Etsy Find of my very own, it is all things that this Crafty Gal needs, wants and covets. Enjoy!


Moxie Madness Tshirt!

Barrel of Monkey buttons! LOVE these!

Scissor Shirt by Circular accessories! I own this great shirt and I LOVE IT.

I like this crazy guy! magnet by Vozamer

Crafty and organic T by Deadworry

I need this postcard for the studio! rarrar press

Check out Pendants and More there are ton's of crafty pendents!

In craft we trust? Great name!

craft stickers by Jelene.

Super cool t-shirt!

To die for necklace from out of the blue

Get crafty button set...shunklies

I need this vinyl wall decal (REAL BAD)...Hums and tiddely poms

Pins and Needles

For those of you that don't receive the Richmond Craft Mafia newsletter, I am snagging the blurb about an upcoming event, Pins+Needles.

In collaboration with New York Deli, Erin Taylor of erin taylor designs and Ono Mangano of Sew Ono ap*par*el, members of the Richmond Craft Mafia, present the first annual indie fashion experience: Pins+Needles. The show will feature Fall/Winter 2008 designs created by local, independent designers. Slated for First Friday, October 3, 2008 at the New York Deli in Carytown, they expect a healthy mix of fresh, cutting edge women's and men's clothing and accessories. "We're really looking forward to bringing this eclectic group of indie designers together. There will be a lot of diverse talent, and this will be a great platform to showcase local fashion," says Mangano. There is also a call for models. So get out there and show us what-cha got! Hosted by New York Deli, in Carytown, each designer will be showing a sampling of their Fall/Winter Collections starting at 10pm. Following the show, the designs will be available for purchase.

For info and to read more about the designers visit, the Pins and Needles Show blog.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

End of Summer Fun...

One last trip to Busch Gardens


Our last Richmond Braves game.

What a face!

The beloved Martian Matter kit.
This thing has gotten hours and hours of play, thanks Grandma.

Martians? Oooooooh, so this is what they look like!

Aidan was so excited to finally get to the Lego store he was shaking with glee!

Hugging the LOOT. Birthday money is a good thing!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

bloggy luv---dusting in pearls

Retro and Ravishing? Me how sweet! Dusting in pearls says...

Kelly at Modern June has stolen my heart with her retro designs in fruit prints and polka dots. I am really taken with her shop description which says it's: "...a shop that features Cool Stuff for the Hip Housewife!"

LOVE IT! The Dusting in Pink blog is wonderful, simply put eye candy. You must go and check out DIP and look at all the yummy pink stuff, my favorite pages were pink toppers, pink chandeliers, an of course pink gloveables. I never knew I need so much pink stuff. The Feathernester crowd would be proud!

Thanks Cindy I am tickled pink!

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Today I opened up a second Etsy shop... OILCLOTH ADDICT! This has been on my master "to do" list since January--I can't wait to cross that off. Heck, it has only been 9 months. You can now buy from the Modern June oilcloth stash--we are talking 29 oilcloths with more on the way! So come on over and check out the new shop!

Blog readers are welcomed to a grand opening discount. Type in "Juniesblog" and receive 15% off on your purchase. This discount expires September 15th, so be sure to shop soon!

Local crafty updates!

Don't delay, applications for the Handmade Holiday Craft Show are available now!

Click HERE to access the online application for the Richmond Craft Mafia's Handmade Holiday Craft Show at the Visual Art Center of Richmond.

The application for the Handmade Holiday Craft Show must be submitted online and be accompanied by the nonrefundable $5 application fee. Be sure to read and fill-out the application carefully - only completed applications will be considered by the Jury.

We have a new home for the craft lounge. Jenny, the lovely owner of Richmond's first sewing lounge Fleur Fabric Boutique, has graciously offered us space for our next monthly get together.

Come join us at 119 N Robinson St (next to Halcyon's) from 7:00 - 9:00 pm this Monday September 8th.

The organized craft will be button pendants and badges. We'll supply plastic canvas, wire and pin backs. Please bring buttons, cutters, a folding chair if you have one and your imagination. Fleur Fabrics has a great selection of vintage buttons and some bakelite starting at only .10 cent each!

Let's get crafty people! origingally posted on the Craft Lounge Blog

Craft Swap has been postponed. But don't fret we will reschedule soon!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

show envy

Yesterday we went to Don's office and had lunch, all I saw were cute girls with great shoes. Makes me almost wish I had a real job to dress for. So here I am checking out Zappos.com to see what I would wear to the Modern June cooperate office, tee hee! I fell for the Gabriella Rocha line!

not back to school-part two

Man this easy-going homeschool life is hard work! Let me answer the FAQ asked question first...no we don't stick to the typical PS year, not really we start about the same time and end about the same time but really that is it. It is a rebellious personal rule that do not do school on the "first" day of public school.

The Tuesday after Labor day is traditionally a day of sleeping late, staying in our p.j.s and watching a movie first thing in the morning. If we go anywhere it is the our local coffee shop Stir Crazy for chocolate chip muffins. But yesterday that tradition was broken due to an early morning Occupational Therapy Evaluation. The appointment went well, we all loved the woman and I was happy to finally get there. I feel like it has taken months for it to actually happen. But dang it did it really have to ruin my "first day" tradition? As we passed the local elementary school I lamented not being in my jammies. It was just too much like real school. Where are the fringe benefits?

We could not pick up the tradition today because of our other tradition, the Richmond Area Homeschoolers annual NOT back to school picnic was today. You would not believe the large number of people that were there today. I would have to guess that we had 40-50 families. We filled up the parking lot with mini vans that is for sure! We saw old friends and made new ones. We swapped books and toys. We networked and made play dates.

We even had a little crafty give-a-way. A friend of mine that is moving to Atalanta today, so last night we loaded up my van with fabric and other crafty goodies. I was able to give it ALL way to the crafty homeschool mommas. Jennie, I am not lying absolutely every single piece of fabric, every pattern, every book and every piece of clothing was snagged up. Now girls we are talking about a large amount of crafty goods. There was hardly room for my kids in the van it was that full!!! AMAZING!

Basically I am pooped out. But no worries tomorrow you will find me and mine on the couch in our jammies watching movies until we get hungry enough to walk down and get out yummy muffins!

We will start school someday I promise! Do you remember all those used textbooks I order last week, guess what, the math books were all wrong. Not at all what I needed. URG, what a waste!!!! I have enough old stuff to get us started but I am so bummed! Just when I thougth all my ducks were in a row! Bargains are not bargains if they are wrong! New note to self: just buy them new and be done with it!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Look what I found!!!!

I am so excited about my latest Etsy purchase, finally a laptop bag for my new toy!

A while back Don found a steal of a deal on iBooks at geeks.com, and I am now the proud new owner of a tiny little laptop. I am in love. I mean what's not to love, here I lay in my cozy bed with a sleepy little girl curled up next to me while I "go" shopping!

I found the bag tonight while catching up on the Etsy finds page, you know just checking out all the goodies! I found the great shout out for Track and Field Designs laptop bags. I was instantly in love with the old school typewriter image and the polka dots, come on how Modern June is that? Oh, I can't wait!!!

By the way Maddie, 10, asked me if it was an illustration on the side of the bag was an oven, OH MY! How funny is youth?

Look what Don found...

My DH is always sending me cool links... I love this one, the J Crew Liquor Store. Don't you love where they put the men's ties? See? This is the cool stuff you miss when you DON'T live in NYC. Poor me. : )