Saturday, October 30, 2010

County Living Fair, The Atlanta booth!

As promised here are some photos from the second Country Living Fair in Atlanta, GA! 
These four ladies were totally awesome! The one in the yellow shirt said," now let me tell you what..." I love the woman in the tan giving her 100% of her attention! They were talking patterns!!! I think this is my favorite photo for the whole weekend. These woman were serious shoppers and seamstresses! My kind of gals!!! 
Our booth sat up on a hill, we had a great view! 
 Look at all the pretty shoppers in the Modern June tent!
It's late Saturday and the Ya-Ya Cart of oilcloth is looking empty! We had 5-6 times that on Friday morning! It was full to bursting with about 12 bolts leaning up against it, not to mention the bolts we didn't even have out. We figure we sold about 175 yards on Friday and then about 60 on Saturday and as for Sunday, well be gave up counting altogether!

 Just a tiny bit of oilcloth yardage left on Sunday afternoon. We had no idea that we would sell half of what we took, I had run out of time and just loaded up what fit in the van. Next year we need ourselves a trailer!!!
Table top goodness! Chalk cloth chargers and runners along with our oilcloth placemats and tablecloths!
 Pet mats galore!

 Booth with Booth Babe!
 Oilcloth Pillow Covers! I'll be listing what's left later on this week!
 Our little spot on the hill!
 Stella Show Management decks out the dining area with none other than oilcloth tablecloths! I just love that!!!
 Stone Mountain, Georgia!

We sold a ton of aprons but dont' worry there's still have a lot left.  I hope to take photos in a couple of days and get them up for Christmas shopping! We have a lot of really pretty cottons aprons to go along with out oilcloth aprons.
Oilcloth Party Buntings of love, I just love how those Country Living magazine readers snag them up!

Lastly,  here I am cutting at the cutting table that I made for the show. Check out the how to at the Oilcloth Addict blog and then go check out Sugah Beez's blog some great pics from the show.

Lot's of love! 

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Oilcloth Presentation

Well we did it, Nicole and I made it home from the Country Living Fair around 7:30 last night with a much lighter load in the ol' mini van, it sure was cheaper at the gas pump going home, I'll tell you that! We had a banner show and meet tons of great people! 

I can't thank the Ed and Richard, the Stella gals or the Country Living folks enough for the opportunity to speak at the fair. My "Oilcloth for the Modern Home" presentation was a lot of fun.

For me oilcloth is all about the memories that it evokes, so I asked the crowd to share what oilcloth meant to them. Most people remember it on the kitchen table, some remember it from school days and others made their sit-upon's out of oilcloth when they were Brownies. One woman told us that oilcloth cost 49 cents at the five and dime when she was a newly-wedded bride, she also mentioned that there were about 10 oilcloths to choose from. Another woman told me that her mom switched oilcloths ever season, whereas another woman said her mother didn't replace her oilcloth until it wore out. Many of the ladies and gentlemen at the show remembered meals on an oilcloth covered table fondly, but one man said that they weren't very good meals. (I admitted that I couldn't cook either!)  Most said that their Mom's or Grandmother's didn't hem or trim the oilcloth tablecloths, their loved ones just brought it home and laid it on the table. It always amazes me to hear all these stories and see how their eyes light up when they realize that a new generation is discovering oilcloth. 

After we had our trip down memory lane I showed them our Modern June products and then showed them a few things from the Oilcloth Addict Blog so that they could make their own projects at home! Then I showed them how to make a simple tablecloth for the table on the stage. In just a few minutes time I had created a wavy-edged, no-sew tablecloth using a fancy ruler. Don't you know that our newest Oilcloth Addicts and BFF, Katie, bought it right off the stage! How funny is that?  

I am off to take a well deserved nap, but don't fret I've got a LOT more CL fair stories and photos to come!!! 

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Today's the day!

originally uploaded by tashamck.

 Today we will spend another beautiful day in Stone Mountain Park at the Country Living Fair here in Atlanta, GA. We have had such an incredible reception from the wonderful Country Living readers, everyone knows exactly what oilcloth is and they've been buying up the oilcloth goodness right and left. We have nearly sold out of our oilcloth yardage, totes and several other items. It's been amazing, we figure that we sold about 150-175 yards of oilcloth of Friday and another 40 yards yesterday. We don't have much left so if you coming today shop early!!!  

I can't tell you how nice everyone is, I haven't stopped smiling for 3 days!  The shoppers, the Stella Show staff, the Country editors and CL licensing department couldn't be more supportive!!! Thank you to everyone that made my weekend so incredible! I couldn't do this with out ya!!! 

If your at the fair today come and see my "Oilcloth for the Modern Home" presentation today at 12! I'll be chatting about why oilcloth holds such a fond place in our memories and how we can use it in our modern lives. I'll also walk you through how to make a no-sew tablecloth!  See you on the Country Living Main Stage!

Monday, October 18, 2010

June Cleaver

 I just found out that our dear Barbara Billingsley died a few days ago. I have to admit my surprise, after all, the woman that played the role of June Cleaver had to be so perfect that even death couldn't hold a candle to her. Silly I know, but it's true.
June hangs out at the 17th Street Farmers Market 2006-2007

I thought that this would be the time to tell you the story about how I came up with the name "Modern June." Four years ago, in June 2006, I was preparing to sell my vintage apron collection and my new Oilcloth Totes at the 17th Street Farmers Market. I decided I wanted a needed  a mannequin to dress-up to show off my aprons. I took my then 9 and 6 year old children shopping for a mannequin. After visiting a couple of funky shops that specialized in reselling retail fixtures and other crazy items, we found our girl, a very odd, and silly, mannequin. She had no arms, and cost way too much, but I bought her nonetheless. The kids and I hoisted her into our mini van and set about picking a name--at the time Maddie insisted that every inanimate object we owned have a proper name. So there, in the parking lot, trying to find a name, I suggested "June" as in June Cleaver. After I told them who June Cleaver was, everyone agreed--especially when I told them that I wanted to be a Modern June Cleaver. So it was decided, and Modern June was born--in the 10 minutes it took us to drive home, a business brand was born. And there I was, CEO--I mean housewife--looking for a creative outlet, hanging out with her kids 24/7, trying to be the best mom she could be. Does it get more June Cleaver than that?

Rest in peace Barbara Billingsley. As for dear June Cleaver, she will never die.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Did you hear the great news? I will be a guest speaker at the Atlanta Country Living Fair, on Sunday October 24th. I will be chatting about how to use oilcloth to decorate the home, "Oilcloth for the Modern Home" will start at noon, see ya at the Main Stage! 

In preparation for my next show,  I have purchased some old sign letters to make a mix and matched June sign!!!  It's going to be a great show, they are expecting over 20,000 visitors and I tell you it's the place to be if you like shop for handmade goods and vintage loot. Not to mention the great eats!!!  

Have a look at the video from the Ohio show, featuring my friends Twist Style and Chick Picks. You'll also see the ispriation behind my purchases, the  Home Girl booth was to die for!  I regret not buying the letters from her, but we were so busy in our own booth by the time I got a chance to go shopping they were GONE! But a few Etsy purchases later and I am good to go! Creative ARTifacts and Releigh Modern hooked me up. 

See you at the fair! 

Monday, October 11, 2010

If my Grr could do it, then so can I!

Now I am not saying that my Grr (grandma) was perfect but she was to me! She raised 7 kids, ran a household and sold Avon and Tupperware part time --- so what if she couldn't cook! To me she was a hero and my icon. When things got hard at home we played Yahtzee and eat chocolate cookies.  When she was too busy I got to help her sort Avon orders. I miss her so much is hurts my whole body, she made childhood tolerable, so today I look to her to make today tolerable.

I am in a bit of a mood today, I've worked all damn weekend and I am supposed to be homeschooling my kids as I type, but my house is DISASTER and I hate it! Now this mess didn't happen overnight that same pile of art supplies, that pile of magazines has moved from one corner to another for weeks. (alright full disclosure it's been months!!!) But come hell or high water I will beat that mess into submission.

My weapons of choice, my Grr's apron and my MIL's aqua Electrolux from the 50's that is exactly like my Grr's. I found the apron in my Aunts garage the night we returned home from my Grr's wake. She was always losing stuff, always! This time she actually found the item that was missing, that night she gave me the best gift, her handmade gingham apron. Tattered and stained I wouldn't love it any other way. I am sure Grr knew I really need it that very hard night. This apron is what Modern June is built upon! Love, memories, and Chocolate cookies!

I am off to clean and channel my inner GRR! Who knows, I may even find a few things!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

County Living Fair, the booth!

 Standing room only!
 Aprons of love love love, if cotton and oilcloth!
 Urbanna Shoulder Bags from Nicole Lee Designs! TO. DIE. FOR.
 The crowds were amazing, our tent was often full to bursting.
 Our reversible oilcloth placemats
Our handmade oilcloth shopper totes!!!   

The following photos were taken by my crafty friend Tasha! Check out Tasha's pottery of love and her lovely photos!
 A lovely stack of oilcloth splat mats!
 Oilcloth and Chalk Cloth party Banners!
 Tea Towel goodness from all sorts of wonderful craftswoman. Vintage Tea Towel Pillows meticulously sewn by Pop Culture Rehab! Pie Tea Towel from Pony and PoppyWonder Thunder goodies, tea towels and veggie bags! You'll be able to shop for these wonderful items on our new website in the new year.
 Incredible tea towels embroidered using vintage patterns from CBT! (link coming)
Our Modern June pillow covers made by the fantastic Lilybella Boutique, a great partnership!  
Pop Culture Rehab Scrabble tile ornaments of pure joy, faith and love! and all sort of Modern June goodness, including chalk cloth table runners and oilcloth stockings!