Thursday, November 22, 2007


I love this wacky photo that I took while the kids and I were goofing off today. Maddie saw this and told me it looked like an impressionistic painting! Wow, she is learning, we recently wathced a video about Monet! LOVE IT. I was checking to see what our VMFA has to offer in the way of impressionism, they have one Monet, IRIS. The And this is coming up in late February, Landscapes from the Age of Impressionism. We have to check that out too!

Today the weather was great! 73 bright and sunny in the morning! We went out as the sky was getting dark and stormy. One of my favorite times!

We had a great day together, playing Uno, Legos, Dance party revolution, and Karaoke on the Game Cube!

My MIL is the best! She told me that I was not to worry about Thanksgiving at all this year, she knows that I am busy. Isn't that great! She wouldn't even let me bring anything. I had to make something so I forced a pumpkin cheese cake on her! It was yummy! And it has super low weight watchers points! The whole family liked it! Now that is a rare treat! I see a regular desert! I was so easy too.

Today I was thankful for a simple day!

Happy Turkey Day!

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