Monday, February 26, 2007

And the Oscar goes to...

And the Oscar for best Husband goes to... mine. I love you, thanks for gifting me an entire evening of TV. Yes I was crafty too! I am making my squares for my lovely button flowers.

I had so much fun on Oscar night! It started with the pre-show over at the E-style networks and then over to ABC. I was TV Party Hopping!

We used to have these big parties on Oscar Night. All my theatre friends and Don's Web Friends would come and get all decked out. We used to raid the storage room of what ever costume shop we were working in at the time and borrow something truly fabulous.

We would have contests for the tackiest appetizer. The appetizer had to represent a movie from that year. Like the Titanic jello mold with a plastic ship nose down in the blue jello, and little figures floating in the water. Or the 7 layer bean dip in the shape of BABE the pig.

Man... we had a lot of fun. I want to be a grown up again! (insert pout and pity here) Every year I say "next year we will start it up". The major trouble is we have not seen any of the movies nor have any of our friends. Just excuses. The kids are now 6 and 9 maybe they need a sleep over with Grandma next year!!!

So OK even if you did not get to see the Oscars you can see the dresses. And come on that IS what it IS all ABOUT really. So in order to see how many people are really reading my blog I want to you all to go here and pick out your best dressed and your worst dressed. Then you MUST leave a comment. I know that there are a few of you that are lurking around here. I really and so curious to know who is reading. So please just this once I beg you comment! Don, Christi and Janet you know I mean you too!

oh check this out if you're really really into the Oscar dresses it is a quiz, everyone loves a quiz

So come on give me a head count, please!!! (This is the begging part)

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Look what I found today!

Look what I found today while looking for an Esty Widget. So far, I can't get the widget to upload, but I fdid find a really, really cool blog entry at Dark Roasted Blend: The Glamour of Flight. This is one of the many photos depicting the golden age of stewardesses! They are all just too fantastic!

I have spent ALL day on the computer. I have been sending out invoices, writing my pattern review, and uploading a ton of photos onto flickr. I still need to "list like mad" on my Etsy site. It takes so much time to catch up! I really need to schedule all of this throughout the week, but I really don't schedule well. I wish I was more like my Sister-in-Law. She is just so organized. She even has an alarm wristwatch to remind herself when to do certian things -- I don't even own a watch! I'm too darn artsy for my own good.

I did escape to Target today though. I had fun, and got a two cute tops! I needed something other than the "v neck t-shirt uniform" that I seem so fond of. I also fulfilled my birthday wish list: I bought a lime green tape dispenser and a tape gun ~ oh and razors. Yahoo!, it is great to be so easily satisfied! I really am just simple girl under all the glamor... I think I need to go to bed.

When I got home I stole some time to watch Greatest Fashion Icons in Film on TLC. It's almost as good as Oscars pre-shows. And, it's on again in March so check it out. It's my kind of TV. Have fun at the Oscars, ya'll!

Oh, one more thing. Look at what else I found today: This is a great News piece on Etsy -- check it out and spread it around.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Oh So Sassy!

Look at this! Sorry ladies, but this one is for me! Do you all remember me finding that FAB fabric site, SEW MAMA SEW? Well, look what I got to make for them! That night when I found SEW MAMA SEW, I also found Kristin's Blog, where she had a call out for crafty mamma's to test out some of the apron patterns that she carries. I was so excited to be accepted for this task!

This picture is of the finished product, and I am wearing it now! I need a fabulous dress to go with it... and a fabulous meal. I'll be looking good.

Keep a eye out,as I will be reviewing the pattern for her Blog. I will let you all know when it is posted! But be sure to check out it today as she has FREE fabric Friday! OH oh OH! how much fun...

Update... I just got chilli all over my new apron?!?!? Go figure. It was really good chilli though! I actually followed the recipe to the best of my pantry's ability. I used this one from Racheal Ray, and the night turned into date night! Don and I got to eat together alone, and then watched an episode of Ballykissangel too. Where were those cute kids? I love the Disney Channel too.

Happy Weekend everyone!

Do you love my new drinking glasses in the picture? I asked my Mom for them two years ago, and they arrived on my birthday last week. The glasses were hers, and I never-ever remember her using them (for special dinners only, ya know). But, when I got all into the color avacado, I remembered them collecting dust in her avacodo kitchen. Thanks Mom! I love them and I hope you don't mind they are being used!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Back from the flu!

After 11 days of pure funky flu we seem to be back to normal! I have too much to say so I am going to make this a "photo and quote" kind of entry! It sounds a bit crazy and fun all at the same time!

Boy it would it be nice if my life could really be like this picture. I have to much stuff though! I like the thought! Kimmy you could do this with your jewelry, don't you have one of these that you just stopped using as a computer cabinet? This is from the Better Homes and Garden website.

Last week during our families Flu epidemic I got really old -- I turned 39. Before I came down with the flu I was able to run away and play, and here is my new stash! Oh yeah, I had fun. 4 hours and 2 fabric shops later I was blissfully poor! Pretty colors don't you think?

Here is the inside of my new wallet! The last time we are all well, we went to buy the kids some shoes. Aidan told the cashier "my Mommy made that!" and when she did not hear him, he said it over and over again until she at last was listening to him. How sweet is that? I was able to get a ton of these cut out this past week but none constructed yet! Etsy here they come!

Oh and checkbook covers too!

I mixed up the patterns of oilcloth for this one. A little Mexican Madness.

Oh I love the imported Mexican oilcloth! Thank you Mexico!

What do you think of Suzanne's new hand bag? Cool story about the vintage fabric that she chose too. My mother-in-law, Jackie, gave us two wall hangings that she received as a wedding gift 49 years ago. They were in a box and wrapped with this fabric. I loved the fabric so much I added it to my stash. I still need to find a place for the art work.

I will be making more of these, I really like the think strap!

Suzanne makes beautiful things check out her Etsy site soon! Use that new camera, girl! We want to see you great stuff.

I have been loving these sweet fabric flowers that I have seen all over the craft blog scene. (yeah I know what that last remark sounded like, hee hee hee!) Over at Artsy-Crafty Babe there was a recent tutorial on how to make her Fluffy Flowers.

It took me all day to come up with my own version! Let it be known I only make my own patterns because I can't follow directions! I had a lot of fun watching Bridget Jones making sweet little spring Flower Buttons. What a Mommy treat!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Calling all Valentines

Ok Ladies, does anyone have any entries for the Valentine Challange? I'll be posting everyones tomorrow. I guess I need to get sewing...I cut out a cute Valentine Apron with the same pieces that I used in my Valentine for Don. Don't get your hopes up we are suffering flu like symptoms here. The kids and momma will need some serious sleeping from tonight if I am to get up and sew in the morning. We shall see! But I doubt it! I'll have it for next year.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Friend of the Day!

When your best friend say's "you know what you should make?" and then tosses you her favorite bib for you to make a pattern off of, you do what your told!

Christi is the best Mom ever. When I grow up I want to just like her! I love going to her house I get fed so well and I get to play with her sweet little girl, Charlotte! Her older two children are the same age as Maddie and Aidan. We don't see them for hours and hours while Christi and I sit and drink tea all afternoon and chat.

I am going to go now and be a good mom too and not blog all morning.

Christi pick out your oilcloth fabric for you new wallet...I have perfected the pattern and I am ready to roll them out! You get the first one! For the rest of you I'll post the bib and the wallet and checkbook covers on Etsy later today.

I am off to play and learn with my kiddos!

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Look what I found today!

I must show off! I am proud to say that if you Google Oilcloth Splat Mats, I am the 8th listing! Yahoo, I mean google! I guess that explains all the orders of late. The photo here is my new splatmat. For a more finished look this version now has binding of coordinating oilcloth. And I love the custom Oilcloth Art Smock I made for a two year old. I hear from her Mom that she loves to get messy when she paints. Never heard of that before. Never happened at my house... You know that it happend right after I took these pictures. Maddie went to town splatter painting. I can tell you for sure that Oilcloth whip clean!

So I have spent the weekend catching up on orders and my HUGH pile of things half finished. I started developing my newest product... The Modern June Oilcloth WALLET. I have wanted to make these for ages. The first proto-type is a mess right now. I don't want to cook I don't want to sleep all I want to do is work on # 2 tonight while it is fresh! The problem is I blogging too long. I just can't stop!

I did get out for bit Saturday afternoon for a little "me time" and to check out the Richmond Craft Mafia's Valentine Show on Saturday. If anyone is near Raleigh, North Carolina they will be there doing a show with the The Handmaidens this weekend. The craftmanship was so wonderful. I wanted more than I could buy. Oh man I love shopping.

Look what I got for me! I have a sweet Craft Friend, Maryellen Kim at Twist Style. Maryellen I decided this is my "Key to Balance". This picture does not do this piece one ounce of justice. The closure is a vintage glass button. Oh I have waited a long time for one her treasures. Worth the wait! If Modern June made jewelry it would be just like hers! I am so jelous!

I also got this cute bib and burp cloth set for a new baby at Don's office. LOVE the fabric! Don't you think I need it for aprons? On the way home I realized that I just made my own bibs that morning out of Oilcloth. Oh well! Monkey and Me stuff is so cool and the new Momma is friends with Beth. BTW she has a new look that I am gaga over. I want the dress in my size. I'll post when she gets it listed!

Ok for the weekly "Look what I found today" part of my posting...

Look what I found today! Sew Mama Sew! What a great name and they have a really lovely site. Check out the wonderful fabrics I really like the stack of fabrics, it reminds me of spring. I need spring!

Not only do they have a lovely selection on fabrics they also treat you with vintage know I love vintage buttons!

Have a great week! Kelly

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Valentine CONTEST!!!

I have been challenged to make a Valentine by one of my faithful readers! My new friend in Seattle, Terri, reminded me this morning of her request for Valentine ideas. I pondered on this all day -- and I have had a blast.

Today begins ModernJune's 1st Designers Challenge! So, between Feb 1st through Feb 13th, I will be accepting entries.

The challenge is...

  1. Make a beautiful Valentine for someone you love
  2. You must only use what you have. No going to buy the perfect cardstock! : )
  3. You must upcycle something from the craft in which you specialize (if you are a jeweler you have to use beads or chains). I used an old tattered vintage apron.
  4. Go to your scrap bag or box and dig out something great and use it.
  5. Use a vintage piece. Or something that you have had so long it seems vintage!
  6. Use what you love!

You are hereby challenged to make a beautiful something and send me a photo! Email it to, and I will post them here on my site, or maybe I'll create a flickr group -- we'll see later. But for now, go out... NO stay in - cuddle up and get crafty! And, BTW leaving comments makes me feel less lonely!

Just one more thing...
I took a lot of "how-to pictures" of this project. This morning I spent hours creating a longer verison of this post, and it got sucked into the great black blogger hole... blogger went down this afternoon URG! So instead of recreating, I am posting the photos on my flikr account!