Friday, November 2, 2007

back in business!

Oh Sewing Machine Goddess, you are truly great!

Yesterday this 50 year old Singer single stitch plowed through 4 Oilcloth Table cloths, 1 Oilcloth Art Smock, a matching Oilcloth Splat Mat, one Plus Size Aunt Bea Apron in Oilcloth as well as another Plus Size Ginger Apron. AND THEN... a Mommy and Me apron set in Black Polka Dots.

What can I say other than this machine kicks @&&! Thanks J. for the loan you are truly a dreamy Mother in Law! And thanks to all the other that offered me their machines! YOU ALL ROCK! I am in good hands with you all. xoxoxoxoxo!!!


Nicole Lee said...

It works and it gorgeous!

Suzanne said...

Oh, my mom has one like this, too and she absolutely LOVES IT! How fun is all that1