Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Talk to every man, woman and some children and you will hear the same thing, "I just can not do everything!" Man, we do try don't we?

For me EVERYTHING is caring for my children, my husband and my home while getting Modern June going strong. A few weeks ago I had my annual "I don't want to homeschool any more pity party". Don was funny his first response was if you still feel this way in 2 weeks we will see what we can do about it. Damn that man knows me so well!

I sat around the picnic table at the playground telling the other moms that I just don't know how to do it all. And do it all well. I really have this ideal that it ALL can be done, some how.

So after my annual fall pity party I pick myself up off the bed and get to organizing our lives. This year I have to say I have had some professional help, Suzanne from Let's talk organizing has some great tips on her podcast and her blog!

Suzanne has taught me that I am a visual organizer. For example that palm pilot that I purchased a few months ago is useless to me! I can't use a palm pilot because it is out of sight out of mind. Also I can not write stuff down in a notebook and ever expect to look at it ever again, I need it all in my face. And that is exactly what I have done.

What is working well for me is "The door". I love the door. And I love my post it notes! The door does all my thinking for me! I know what to do and when to do it, I am loving the door. Except on little thing I can not take it with me.

Check out Suzanne's podcast dedicated to the post it note and it's many uses!

Owls and Bunnies oh my!

How very cute is this apron? Shelley, over at Glittery Blue, sent me this fabric so I could make here a show apron! The fabric is imported from Japan. Too fun for words! It was quite the designers challange she had only purcased two fat quarters of each fabric. That did not really work with my existing apron patterns that I have created. Then i had the great idea to use my latest vintage inspired pattern. I patterned it this summer. The pattern doesn't even have a name yet! I have only used it for Strawberry Fields Exclusive Apron, the aprons made from the Cupcake fabric. I am loving my JOB!

I want one!

the mommy theme song!!!!


William Tell Overture for Moms

Monday, September 24, 2007

The word of the week is Unsubscribe!

This is the best damn word I can think of! After getting 79 emails every 12 hours or so I started unsubscribing to loads of things. I started out with my extra-ordinarily long list of yahoo groups. Sorry but no more La Leache League (I was a leader when the kids were young and I stayed on the list for sentimental reasons) or Find-a-craft fair emails for me! Surprisingly there were 8 total. I can not even tell you what they all were. That is really sad.

Last night I started opting out of my many news letters. Bye, bye Real Simple but it is time to simplify. CB2 I no money buy your stuff, so farewell to you and your modern goodness! So long Dr. Phil I only think of you every Saturday when I delete your weekly line up email. I mean I have not watched your show in 2 years, sorry man.

What was I thinking? I have no time or energy to even hit the delete button let alone read or participate it this world of communication.

Oh how delightful it is to unsubscribe. You really should try it it is wondrous! I should keep a count of the number of things I just don't need in my in box but that would defeat the purpose wouldn't it. Man, Fly Lady would be so proud of me! Which by the way I switched her to daily digest!

Better Homes and Gardens and my dear Martha I am with you both till the bitter end! So don't worry, I will not delete you! Yes, I am a housewife and I am proud of it!

Seeking bliss daily,

Friday, September 21, 2007

So much fabric so little time!

FYI if you are not on the email list you should be because their sale page is rocking! RP was my first insight into really cool fabric. OMG everything I always wanted it fabric was right there at my finger tips.

At Renegade they had two booths worth of FAB Fabric chaos. They lined up about 6, six foot tables and there was just piles and piles of fabric stacked upon them. I could have spent a fortune. Here are a few of the wonderful things I got at that show!

You know me I love a good Jello mold! Oh yeah, that did not work out did it?

My post on fabric organization cards was a popular topic! I think this is a good idea wouldn't this be fun to rotate your favorite fabric and give you some awesome inspiration? I have yet to do this but it is on the inspiration wall so it can never be forgotten! Some day, Some day!


My MIL, Jackie, always gives me her magazines when she is done with them. I love this! Cuz we all know magazines are like chocolate in paper form. Well she gets magazines that I wish I received like Cottage Living and Martha Stewart Living. And then there are the ones that I flip through just because, not my style but who knows there may be something that I really need to see. Well there was a little tiny picture in a Country Living that really spoke to me!

Here is what I have done with that inspiration. They started out being simple totes, but with all the hand work I want them to turn into something bigger and better than a tote. We will have to see!!!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Ode to the magazine holder

Oh magazine holder how many ways do I love thee? How many ways do I use thee?

Ok that is too much! But I must tell you what a rock star this little ikea box is! I have so many of them that I had some up in the attic in a trash bag. I knew better than to throw them away.
Currently my favorite podcast is the Let's Talk Organizing podcast a few weeks ago Suzanne told us about the beauty of the magazine holder! I thought I knew how useful they could be but little did I know just how useful.

Beyond holding magazines, some assorted paper and one for stickers last year I used some for the children's weekly work. Here I placed 5 folders that were labeled with each child's name and the day of the week. It was amazed with myself.

Well I have now taken all this new information and made an even better use of these great boxes. Up I went to the attic to get my stash of magazine holders. I am now using them to hold now tons of stuff. I have some that hold different types of paper. One for construction paper, one for lined paper, and one for white paper. I have some that contain different types of folders, notebooks and art supplies.

Suzanne said that you could use them for projects, any old project. And that is what I have done. I have started one for our ongoing science project that we are doing as we study the human body. I have one also for our ongoing study of the James Town settlers.

I am truly ga-ga for any and all organizational tools! I must not be stopped! For more information check this personal office supply outlet.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

my new crafty stuff!

Here are my new toys from the craft swap!

I love me some buttons!

What pretty colors and sweet prints! this is the only fabric that I bought home.
Thank goodness!

The leather punch was almost a grand as the tin of buttons! Some day I would love to get back to working with leather. I spent a lot of my costuming days tailoring mens clothing. In the mid-90's it was very trendy to turn a Shakespearean drama or a serious opera in to a leather-Fest. I did a lot of leather craft those days. There was a show at St. Louis Opera that had about 12 pairs of leather Jeans in it. And there was a show st The Shakespeare Theatre that had a lot of long leather tail coats in a show.

I am thinking cute spring messenger bags with these funky 70's colored clasps!
I am in love!

I love the old labels!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I can't believe it but yesterday I had my fourth international sell in the last 8 days. How fun is that! New Zealand; Nottingham, England; Nova Scotia, Canada; and Sofia Bulgaria!

I think that is so cool! I have also sent aprons to south Africa, Ireland, and Russia. And of course to Bulgaria once before too! Yassen is a repeat customer and a great e-friend!

Like I said HOW FUN! The internet is fascinating still!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Look who's wearing Modern June!

Isn't this the cutest little chef ever?

I bet she is making music as well! This is the daughter of Don's work friend, Cherye! I am hoping to get a Mommy and Me photo too. Cherye has a matching apron as well. I love seeing photos of people wearing my aprons. It makes all this seem very real!

One fabulous Craft Swap

Thank you all that came around to partake in our first Crafters Anonymous Craft Swap. It was a success we made 145.00 for Art 180 and we had about 5o or so participants. And a hugh shout out to Art Works for the great space. We could not have done it with out your support. Thank you.

what fun! And man, was there was some goodies to be had! I will share my loot later but for now here is what went down yesterday.

Here is a peak at some of the tables!

Some stuff that was made at the craft-n-go tables.

Andy's cute necklace sent him spinning

Erica Earrings rock!

4 plush plushies!

Just three of the crafty gals that made yesterday possible!
(Left to right) Tasha, Dawn, and Nikole!

I have a ton of photos that you can find over on flickr! Go check it out! If you came to our event we ask that you post a photo of any and all items that you made or will make with the loot that you got from the swap. We would also love to just see you loot. So take a picture join the flickr group and post, post, post!

d is for...

Date night with Husband!

So when I made my giant wall calendar for what I HAVE to do every week in order to get done everything I added Date Night. Date night is Friday night. No computers, no modern june, no miscellaneous crafting, and preferably no kids! Well we had our kids and we all had fun!

First off dinner for "Two". I made the kids pizza early so that we could eat alone while the kids went off to play. No luck with being alone, Maddie was there reading to us, entertainment?

Our Dinner was yummy, I doctored up a frozen pizza. Its is so easy to make them really tasty toss on some fresh ingredients and you are set.

Watching Quick Fix Meals with
Robin Miller on the Food Network has finally payed off, I was thinking ahead and made extra turkey bacon that morning just for the pizza.

So I wanted to run off to the bed room with my honey, NO not for THAT for a movie! But instead we had a family game night! That was a blast. Everyone got into their jammies and played a game or two or three.

Don has supplied our home with some of the best board games around, I wonder if it was all that "Dungeons and Dragons" in high school. He is a gamer through and through. I love my Geek, I will teach Maddie that Geeks are the best men to Marry because they won't be off playing golf all day and then drinking in some bar every night with their Buddies. Nope former geek turned Dad will be at home on a Friday night to teach his little girl to play chess.

Now that is a great date!

Friday, September 14, 2007

kid quote!

"My brain is SSSSSSSSOOOOOOO big!... it has to be, I have robots to build"

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Etsy luv

Check it out the Richmond Etsy Street Team just got a major shout out on the new Etsy e-zine The Storque promoting our Crafters anonymous craft swap!

We are not only can you get rid of those scrapbook supplies that you KNOW that you will never ever in a million years use! (yes that is what I will bring) Not only can you get a bunch of fun stuff you can make stuff. We will have a make and take tables.... earrings, cards, and doesn't that sound fun.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

come one come all!

pretty colors, lovely photos and work have me very busy. I am so tired. I really don't have much to share. So here are a few photos that I love!

Janet's side garden. I get to see this out my window everyday! Nice, right?

Labor day veggies!

New years Eve bowling balls.

Dusting of snow one the Fairies. Today she is covered with cobwebs. Poor girl.

Someone else's Daf's. A reminder to plant some! I did promise myself. Man fall is busy time of year! Gotta go teach the littles!

Have a pretty day!

Sunday, September 9, 2007


Yes way! Check out the fabric stash organizer that I found! I would never ever do this but I could not pass sharing it!

Ok so I could use a bit of fabric organization. But come on life it short!

A little chaos is good right?

Friday, September 7, 2007

C is for....


art smocks-a-plenty

It's all about the art smock! These are destined for Strawberry Fields. Like I said I have been busy, busy, busy! They also have a bunch my one off's, some aprons that I have only made one of and have never listed on Etsy. I like that the owner, Deanna likes to only get one or two of something, that makes it fun for me! I like whipping up something new and fresh. It is also nice not to have to photograph these one of a kind creations. I should but I don't usually. It makes them special.

Did I ever show you all the Exclusive Modern June Apron that Strawberry Fields has all to itself? Cupcakes. And I said it's all about the art smock. You know I am all about the cupcakes!

Local shop: Feathernesters

It is getting spooky at Feathernesters!!! I love this store so much! It is very Modern June. The guys are putting up Halloween and I could not be happier. I love decorating the house for these little holidays! Doing the seasonal thing keeps us grounded. I feel our family need to celebrate the seasons, marking the passing year so that we don't forget that we are part of something much bigger than our selves. Wow! sorry for the spiritual commentary.

I want this big cutout of the little witch so badly! I did not look to see how much it is but she is just wonderful! Michael's has black "Christmas" garland. Imagine this big sparkly witch girl with the black garland would be so cool on my mantle! A must have I am afraid! I love the words too! Wicked!

Marc and Tony said that it isn't a party until the witch is hanging from the chandelier! I must agree! I need those light bulbs too! I bet the sell them, and yes I am making a list.

Marc made this hat and tons more! I think I need a sign that says "the Witch is in" for my studio. Hee, HeE, HEE!

Check these out! Bag O' spiders! Cool, yeah we could have made them but for 7.00 bucks who could resist! We would have spent 7.00 on supplies and never have even made one! Right? You know what I am talking about.

Here is a peak at the rest of the store!

I swiped this off their party page look at how cute their cafe is. What a place!