Tuesday, November 27, 2007

As seen on TV

I have to say it is a big news week her at Modern June! I have orders pouring in, wahoo. I have a give-away at apronistas. And this morning my girls Beth and Dawn were TV craft goddesses! Check out the crafty goodness here on the WTVR website. They were awesome, and they got the hosts of the show to were Modern June aprons! I love it. So as seen on TV....


Anonymous said...

Cool Kelly! I know you're working your behind off right now. My sister just moved to your hood. We'll catch up sometime (soon I hope!)

Kelly McCants said...

HI Courtney, you stop by my house as much as you can! We all miss your family so bad! I wanted back in the coop just to be with you.

seriously come by ALOT!

kimmy said...

Get OUT!! Congratulations on all the orders pouring in. I've closed up shop. Life has different plans for me :)

Miss you.