Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Today I feel like a turkey. I'm guessing turkeys don't have very big brains.

I have had to do everything twice today. Like the post office: I forgot to tape the labels on my packages and had no money with me to buy tape, so I had to go home. Thank goodness my mailman took them for me. Then I went to cash a check and get some groceries. I got to the store/bank and I realized I had no wallet. So I go back home to get said wallet. I tried to buy flowers at the Azalea Garden Center and I could not remember my Debit code. Thank goodness they are my friends and ran it as a credit card. But wait -- I got all the way into the van before I realized I forgot to buy the bulbs for the bulb pot I had just bought. Urg!

That's me! I do it right cuz I do it twice! I'm not even going to touch any Modern June work today. That could be really bad. I promise, if you are waiting on a order you will be happy you waited an extra day. One can only mess up so much.

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