Friday, November 9, 2007

Craft Insanity!

One of the best crafty podcast out there is Craft Sanity. Jennifer has interviewed some of the most crafty peeps, her approach is simple and warm and always humorous! My favorite are...

CraftSanity Episode 39
Meet Handbag Designer Laura Buzard

CraftSanity Episode 40
Janice Taylor Tells Us How to Craft Ourselves Thin

CraftSanity Episode 17: Get Cozy With Alicia Paulson, Creator of Posie: Rosie Little Things

So long ago, a whole 4 months, I bought a Craft Sanity Tee shirt. I bought as way to support the podcast and the idea that we can craft our selves some sanity in this crazy world! Well isn't ironic that I wore the t shirt 2 1/2 days straight while I was sewing my A$$ off. Once I realized that I smelled really bad and that I was not living the dream I went up and changed my cloths and hopefully my attitude!

I was not able to complete my entire wholesale order I am missing 4 tree skirts and four aprons. My machine completely went dead on me about 5:30 AM yesterday! It was the motor. DEAD! I have a new one already. I just happened to be at the Bernina Store at the right time, the owner and repair man was there and took care of me right away. I did not even need to have a fit! How nice!

As for attire I have decided it a PJ day! At least for now. I will be attending the Open house at Feathernesters tonight! I am going to get all dressed up and take my best girlfriend, Maddie on a Mommy Date!


Anonymous said...

Well its about time they took care of you. Now hopefully they will make it right permentally.

Kelly McCants said...

you are just thankful that I got less sticky since you were here visiting on tee shirt day 2.

thanks for the visit!