Tuesday, November 6, 2007

nothing nice to say...

well come sit by me!

All I want is a sewing machine that works and a post office worker to do his F@#$#$% job!

Oh my goodness, the man at the post office is such a jerk! I called him out for it and he laughed at me! And so did everyone else in line! Man they are all so unhelpful! And those people in line should know better!!!!!!!!! have they not been treated poorly by the man behind the counter that is so 5 minutes away from retiring that he could care less if I ever ship another damn package again. URG.

So all fumes and bad tempered I gave the USPS web site a try. There are tons of options for shipping things internationally with a tracking number. The MAN said that there was no way no how to do it. URG!!!!! That man has not seen the last of me!!! I have printed out a bunch of stuff to teach him how to do his job! Yeah like I have the nerve or the time to go be nasty to him. I did enjoy printing out the proof that is an IDIOT!

Now for the stupid sewing machine Man! So yesterday it was 7 days and no call from the Bernina store. I call to see what the word was... when will it be ready? Oh it was ready and had been for days and days! URG! And get this they said the machine was just dirty and that would be 70.00. No way! What about the computer thingy that keeps totally shutting down on me? Oh it was just dust! About to have a hissy fit they gave me the cleaning for free. I gently told them that the machine is only 13 months old!!!! This is a 1600.00 machine it should not stop working cuz it is dusty!

don brings it home and I go to town sewing up a storm and what do you think happens? yep, it died! over and over again... Did I mention that I have a 49 piece wholesale order due in less than 48 hours?

I will stop ranting dry off my silly girl tears and go sew! I hate getting to upset over stuff that should just not be an issue!

Ok rant over!


Samantha said...

(((Hugs))) and a tissue for the tears. That is so ridiculous! So your next word to the sewing machine dealer is that you would like a loaner machine to use while they fix this problem. They are messing with your livelihood! The fact it sat there for days, plus they didn't fix it, and it's under warranty, etc. etc. etc. I think a loaner machine is in order! My dealer gave me a loaner machine when a board went out on mine right in the middle of making Easter clothes for my kids. I would think a wholesale order due would rank as high (or almost--LOL).
Hang in there!

Suzanne said...

In the words of wisdom sent down from my betters, when the world seems to be crashing down on you and there isn't a bottle of rum big enough to console your tears, simply smile at the offending creature and call them a "dog f&#$%er".

=) I love Moms!

Hang in there, baby cakes, and I'll be sure and pass on an evil voodoo or two to your local imbeciles!

Christi said...

Hey there, my dear. Sorry your day sucked yesterday. Here's to a better one today. (Lifting my coffee cup.... Cheers, y'all.)

We will indeed be home today after all. Call if you want/need to.

Love the apron above!!

Kelly McCants said...

you all rock! thanks for the love and laughter! I will never be able to look at the old mail dude and want to call him a "dog F&#$%er"

Kelly McCants said...

OH YOU WILL NOT believe this! Sweet Bernadette my beloved machine worked all night long! Sewing machine goddess has my back for now!

I believe that my bad mail mojo cancelled out my bad machine mojo!