Monday, November 26, 2007

Holiday Banner

Two of crafty girlfriends Dawn and Beth from the Richmond Craft Mafia are going to be doing some crafting on a local TV morning show, Virginia This Morning! We are so excited to have these to gals supporting Richmond Craft Mafia. They will be doing demo of a felt holiday garlands! Some of us have thrown in our Version as well, you can see Missing monsters light up fleece garland tutorial at off the record. Here is my contribution! Happy holidays!

Step one: Gather materials

-1/2 bias tape
-pinking shears
-scrap fabric (this pile is what is left over from the Modern June Christmas Aprons

Step Two: make a pattern

To start making your pattern draw a 12 inch line with chalk then add a small perpendicular line at the end the 12 inches.

This is just what worked for me, feel free to change the size of your pendent all you want!

Step Three: Finish up pattern

Next draw two marks, 4 inches on either side of the center line. Then take your ruler and create your diagonal line. Mark with chalk.

Step five: cut cut cut

Now take this pattern and cut as many as you think you' ll need. Mine are all a bit different in size I eyeballed most of them for kicks!

Once you have your banner pieces all cut out it off to the sewing machine!

Step Five: construction

Sandwich your banner piece into the 1/2 bias tape. Then edge stitch.

Step Six: Spacing

I used the card from the bias tape packaging as a guide to space my pendent evenly! I would make this a bit less next time. For me I think it is spaced to wide. I had to do a bit of pinning for my "valance"

Looking good!

Step Seven: hang and enjoy!


diana said...

just wanted to say that YOU ROCK!!!
i was just over at the Apronista's sight and what did I see but a lovly Modern June to die for apron combo!!! so very cool!! Have a Happy Day!!!

Jennifer said...

I loved some of the fabrics on your garland. I want to get some for a simple Christmas tree skirt. Did you get it locally in Richmond?