Wednesday, November 21, 2007

My kind of black friday!

I just received an email from Real Simple with this link, Black Friday: A holiday shopping guide! I can make it all even simpler!! Buy hand made this holiday season! You can make your holidays more meaningful and make a crafters day!

Just a few cool peeps that sell handmade goods!

Want your name added to the list leave me a love note and I will add you to the ever growing list of cool crafters! Now grab a cup of joe and sit in you comfy chair and shop to you are broke! LOL


Donna said...

How loving does the note need to be? I would love to be added to your list! This is my Etsy shop

The Infamous K said...

OMG KELLY! That has to be the sweetest apron..I went to your etsy and looked 3 year old plays shopping and cooking all day..I may have to buy one of those..with one for mom too of course lol! Have a lovely Thanksgiving with your family :)
Take care..xoxo K

Donna said...

Thanks for adding me! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.