Monday, July 9, 2007

Secret of a room redux

I have secret for you. If you have too many margaritas while you are rearranging your studio it takes a really long time to do any thing! Now I don't mean to shock you it might not get done! It's true! What can I say it is 102 today and I needed something cool and frosty to drink. Well you know how it goes. One and then another and then you end up not getting much done! ; ) insert tipsy giggle!

Call me crazy but I want to pull the back bathroom out and make it Modern June storage. It is located right next to the studio. I am so tired of having my work things though out the house. Stuff here and stuff there. I just want all my things in a central location. I am so ready to grab my sledge hammer. And don't think that when Don reads this he won't totally freak out. Cuz he will!

The bathroom is a wreck my children refuse to use it and now the toilet leaks (not at all good). The concrete floor is angled and there is prison like door that lead to the out side. CREEPY! You are now seeing why the kids will not enter it!

I've been wondering if the laundry room could move down here. I could add a ton of shelves and cloths racks. I could then add a tiny bathroom where the laundry is. Trouble is that itty bitty room is right off the kitchen. That would be weird. But like my friend Jane I said... the house is 80 years old modern conveniences are just not to be expected. If you can pull it off good for you but unless you are willing to change the foot print of the home your really stuck.

There is something about the dog days of summer that makes me eager for my home to change-- and change in big ways. I have painted many a room in July. One year I rearranged every bedroom in the house.

I really should just take over the shed. But in inclement weather heat-rain-cold-snow the shed might as well be across town. I like being in the house. I like this room we have taken it from a dungeon but we just can't get it finished. What is it about needing a junk room in a house. Don't get me wrong I am all about the junk room...I need a junk room! But the junk room cannot be my studio. This is were I am supposed to make beautiful things.

BOO HOO. Pity party over! I am off to finish up this mess! Coffee anyone?

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Dawn Anderson said...

I say get the sledgehammer...and some coffee!