Friday, October 12, 2007

plushy plush!

So remember that I told you that the Crafty Bastards Show was so cool and beyond busy that I could not even go shopping? Well a couple of guys made this cool Plush Toys @ Crafty Bastards video, there you can see interviews with the cool Plush artists that were selling at the show. How groovy it that?

But what is totally cool is that my crafty friend Deanna is there chatting about her Missing Monsters! She's also a fellow Richmond Craft Mafia girl.

The cool thing about Missing Monsters is that you help create your own monster. You can get a custom made monster. Now that is cool. My son asks to fill out the "missing monsters report" every other day. I have saved his "report" and I plan to surprise him with it at Christmas!

But is gets better... when your Monster has been found she takes a photo for you and send it to you. You get to see just where she found you monster at. That is my favorite part.

You can also adopt a baby monster from World of Mirth, the coolest store in Richmond! And soon you can get them on her Etsy site.

So go and find your missing monster today, it is there just waiting to be found!

For you locals you can also meet the maker at the Centerville Pumpkin Festival on October 20th 10-4. Yours truly will be there as well as many other groovy crafters!

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