Sunday, January 20, 2008

Studio Makeover: Ribbons and whatnot!

My ribbon solution is not nearly exciting enough but it was free. Because the others solutions are just so tasty! I got this idea from the creative Mary Ellen from Twist Style. ME made it look much better, she has more ribbon than me! I have to shop soon. I saw her studio shots over at flickr and said "hey I have one of those racks in my attic"! Some day when I stop moving furniture around I will do one of these other ideas, I can't put up shelves if I keep my stuff in one place. I am a nomad at heart.

Note that the top two shelves on my rack hold gift and merchandise bags, along with tissue paper. This makes for quick and easy wrapping for a gift or sale. I should integrate these into the shipping and handling cabinet but I have to have more ribbon first! I can't have an empty shelve, that is just WRONG.

Check this out! WOW, right. Monica from Happy Zombie calls these her shelves of joy. I say she's got that right! For more photos of her fantastic studio check out her flickr shots. Big thanks to Monica for letting me share these photos. You are just swell.

I did not realize that my inspiration for my ironing center came from this photo. Monica how do you add the subliminal messages? Again my version is not nearly as dreamy! But it was all from found objects that were in my home somewhere. (so far I have spent only 10.00)

So here are a few other "good things" you can do with your ribbon. Inspiration is a great thing!

Martha has this in her Basement...A set of slim metal cafe-curtain rods, attached to wooden shelf brackets, holds a colorful assortment of ribbons and twines. The rods are removable, so spools can be easily replaced

Marta says...To keep ribbons organized, build storage racks from copper gutters. Have a lumberyard cut a half-round gutter and cap the ends. Punch holes along top edge; mount in a dry place away from sunlight to keep ribbons from fading.

I saw photo above over at the Domestic Diva Blog she has the complete guide to ribbon organization. AND much, much more. She has a six part series on Sewing Room Organization. DAMN its good! This girl has it all.

Now go and clean your room! ; )

xoxox, Kelly

Update: Look what I found, LOVE IT! The Ribbon and Wrap Organizer is what I want on the back of that door! this if perfect. Oh honey that birthday is coming up soon! It is the big 4 0 too!


Anonymous said...

Kelly...WOW! I checked out all your reorganization...AWESOME!

Thanks for linking me!

Love your site!

With friendship,

happy zombie said...

Thank you for all the linkie love Kelly! WOW... you and everyone else who's swooning me with the yummy organization is going to make for a long time before I get out of my jammies this morning!

Kelly, Modern June said...

You both are so welcome thank you for the inspiration!