Sunday, January 6, 2008

Why Santa, why?

why didn't you think to bring me this....

I love my Craft Mafia! When I need something they always now where to get it. But THIS I did not know I needed this. I mean it has a case. Yeah I have most of these tools but they don't match and have a carrying case. I am going to have to get out on of my collage portfolio cases and make my own. This would have been perfect for those long gone days when I was a free lance costumer. Perfect!

I asked santa for the following and he blew it! I wanted one of these

and one of these in my stockings!

This sewers paradise web site is you can also find this good stuff at Greenberg & Hammer. Erin was kind enough to tell me about Sew True, a girl needs her options. Thanks Erin.

But what I am really coveting are these pattern hangers, no more lost safety pins to find. No more little pin holes just one nice big one to slid it all into place. Wow that is so professional and stuff. How fabulous costume shop would I be?

Thanks to Miss Link 2008, Nicole Lee, I found an entire box for 19.99 at an ebay shop for Atlas Levy Sewing Machine, Co in LA. Oh the wish list is growing! I have to say that as great as these are that might just be frivolous. But DANG what organization!

If you are all about the pattern making scene here is another post that I did for the Off the Record blog.


Dawn Anderson said...

well, sometimes you just have to go around Santa. Perhaps we can share the kit? hmm...

Kelly McCants said...

you are so right!