Thursday, January 17, 2008

Studio Makeover: shipping and handling REVISIT!

I am not feeling so hot today and I need to get some work done today no time for playing organizer! So for now I am going to redirect to my post about the shipping cabinet that I created a while back! I can not tell you how much time this saves me! And yes I know that I misspelled business! No need to remind me of my inability to spell! ; )

If you are selling and shipping I highly recommend doing this for yourself. My Friend Beth has a shipping drawer. I was thinking the other day you could take vintage suitcase and make a shipping center out of that. You may need to hot glue in some added pockets but that would store nicely and look good anywhere. I like it! I want to make one just for fun!


Carol said...

Great job!
I desperately need help in this department. We don't have an inch to spare in our tiny house (with 5 people) so organization is the key. I feel a trip to IKEA coming on.
Have a great day Kelly :)

erin taylor designs said...

you're a makeover maven, Kelly! i wish I had the room to organise the way you do!!!

Kelly, Modern June said...

Erin you are so sweet! thanks that means a lot to me.

Carol I am needing ikea NOW! I want some roman shades, you just can not beat their price on them!

We have a group of us crafty gals taking a road trip to the one that is closest. It's about an hour and a half. So you really have to plan for it.

Suzanne said...

Woman!!! You are on a roll!!!!!!!! You rock, sister friend!