Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Studio makeover: hang ups

I have been storing my patterns in the shower for awhile now but this weekend I added a much needed second bar to store my extra hangers. This is so much better that then all tangled up in a plastic ice bin from target. That was always a fight and an eyesore. That shower rod was worth the 5 bucks!

Well there is one corner left in this room and I am not sure that I will show you that corner. It is not pretty but I will see what I can do! A little plumbing is in order if you know what I mean! Scared yet Don?


Anonymous said...

Tell me you are not going to rip out the sink an toilet!!


Kelly, Modern June said...

J. don't put it past me! Well the toilet is staying but man I want that sink out of there! It would be great to have some low shelves in that space instead. I won't do it now the pipes are holding me back!

: )

Anonymous said...

Oh thank goodness. I think you have had enough water concerns in your studio area (pre studio era).
But give me a heads up when you decide to "go for it" - cause I know you will and I'll back you up with my large buckets (again).
By the way the pictures of your reorganization look great! Can't wait to see it in person.


Kelly, Modern June said...

OM, you have me laughing right out of my chair. Yes you big buckets have come in handy before! My studio is open for guests any time!

thanks for making me smile!