Thursday, August 9, 2007

shipping and handling

I have been thinking about my dream studio space. The place where everything is handy. The place where every thing has a home. And yes it stays there. Today as part of "Business School" and my new routine I decided to create shipping cabinet. A place for me to do all the packaging and shipping all in one spot. I do not have to go running to get this and that. The cabinet is located under my extraordinary counter.

With very little money spent $3.00 for the letter holder and $4.50 for the glue-foam-tape stuff. And the .97 on the baskets that I did not even need. (They will end up in my new desk drawer) I also gathered some other items from around the house and re-purposed them for this new area. For example the red napkin holder. We no longer use paper napkins so that thing has made the rounds. It is amazing what you can use a napkin holder for! I also decluttered the fridge and confiscated these magnet clips Don got from the office. The have magnets but I did this to make them work for this application. Oh, don't forget the 3M hooks, I can not live with out them!

So with my supplies in hand and a real need to have this done I went to work excavating this mod-podge of a mess. Waffle makers and floam, oh my! Who does this kind of thing? What a waste of space.


Every little thing I need is right here! I love it!

I used the letter organizer for my different sized envelopes. I might need a few more of these for other places about the studio. I also re-purposed a tin from one of the many gift baskets the CarMax Marketing Department gets. Don brings them home to me I use them all over the place. I give a little magnet to my customers as a thank you, but to go digging for them every time was a pain. So I took a small tin attached the magnets to the outside and then cut up tissue into smaller pieces. That will make it much easier.

Here are the 3 things I can not mail with out so I put them together.

It's hard to get the scissors to be have on the hooks. This was the best I could do. The top hook was supposed to hold the tape dispenser but the phonebooks were in the way. The boxes below hold my new label maker (on sell this week at Target!!!!), our household mailing items and all my tag supplies. I need to use the label maker don't I?

I love this part. I use the ric rac and the thank you stickers to finish off my tissue wrapped package. The smaller slip of paper is the left over print outs of my first tag. Maddie spent the morning cutting them all up. I love child labor! I owe her a buck. Now I just have to grab one and tape it on the package.


Hey look what I found while checking out my blog list and not making cupcakes! Another shipping area! Sommer Designs has a cool shipping station too! Not everyone has a junk cabinet that they can re-purpose it is good to see what the options are.


ranahnah said...

The shipping center looks awesome. You may want to double check the spelling on your business card box.
Great job on all that organizing!

Kelly McCants said...

Geez and its in 3 photos! I am spelling dork!

Yep that is me the worst speller in the world! LOL. Scary thing is that I homeschool our kids!

The funny thing is that I know that spelling of business is wrong but darn if my hands just do that every single time. Old habits die hard! I changed the setting on my computer to spell check everything as I go along. I have actually improved my spelling this way. I try to spell it right, I try to remember the rules and then if after one or two tries I left click to get the correct answer.

For me writing has always been a struggle, I striving to be a better writer. It was never important to me until now. As a costumer in my pre-child professional life I never wrote anything but my time sheet.

I am learning too while teaching my little ones.