Friday, January 18, 2008

Studio Makeover: Sewing table

My creation, originally uploaded by ModernJune.

I am getting there that is for sure, last week it looked like the photo below. Yikes!

What I love this that there so very little on the desk. I am using the kids old plate from their toddler days for all the pins and snips. I will be putting the tread up on the wall this weekend. I would like to add shelves too.

I am in love with my little fifties wire shelves. It think my MIL bought it for me years and years ago. They hold my studio movies, the movies that I can plug my self into and not really miss any thing because I know them so well. I also took the books off the fabric shelves so that I can use that space better. Soon, soon!

Have great weekend all you peoples,

X0X0X0, Kelly


Julie said...

Wow.. what a difference. Good for you! It's awesome to have a space to create! Thanks for sharing.
Smiles.. julie

Kelly, Modern June said...

Just wait another day or two, I stayed up insanely late and redid everything!

Yes I am crazy!

; )

Jen said...

I was planning on cleaning up my work room this morning but have been blog surfing instead! Thanks for the inspiration.

And I love the tip about keeping movies around that you can zone out to. Just may try that!

Carol said...

My sewing room is a "before" picture right now and I hate it! I can never seem to take the time to clean it up when I think I should be sewing.
Your's looks really great!