Monday, January 7, 2008

Whacha think?

Like the new colors? I was playing this morning and I came up with this combo through the shuffle option. To find it first hit the customize button and then hit fonts and colors and then to the right of the color bars there is a button called shuffle blog colors. I just did it till I as pleased. I might to this more often!

What I really want it a new Header. Don, sweetheart, "how you doin"? Please!


Domestic Chicky said...

I never thought to use that! silly me! If hubby doesn't give with the goodies, let me know-I can foof you up!!

Kelly McCants said...

Hey Domestic Chicky!

I hope you and yours had a fantastic holiday.

I know it was so easy! I spent all this time doing this and doing that. I don't think I ever saw that option before, it might be new.

Man I would be honored to have some of your lovely work on my blog!!! Let me see how long the hubby takes and then we'll talk!


DonsSword said...

Okay, now your branding banner is in place. I expect the usual payment... XXXOOO

Kelly McCants said...

OH my! thanks luv!

Anonymous said...

So that is all you have to do to get hubby to help. (get on of your gal pals to say she will do it)
Don you know I'm kidding. (Maybe)


Anonymous said...

oh I forgot - of course there is payment involved.