Monday, January 21, 2008

Be my Valentine

Be my Valentine, originally uploaded by ModernJune.

A few years ago I had the need to buy tons of that el cheapo Christmas garlands at Target, it was during the 90% off-everything must-go sale. You know how it goes... there they were, tons of the the tacky little devils, needing a home like a little lost puppy. And well at .20 cents and they all came home with me. The next winter I had to do something with the junk, opps I mean wonderfully attractive stuff.

I took the Wire hangers and cut off the entire hook and then opened them up. I then bent them into straight lines. Once I had about 7-8 of the heavy wire rods I made a heart shaped wire frame. This took some time and some tools, I needed wire cutters and a pair of pilers. Once I had both hearts in a nice shape I took floral wire & lashed them both together.

Last but not least I used yards and yards of the el cheapo garland and wrapped the entire frame until it was completely covered. Thicker is better. So Christmas is over and you might have just packed this up some red garland if that is the case go get it and get crafty!~

Be sure to send me a photo if you actually do this!


rockergirrl said...

I love the milk glass. I have a milk glass collection. I can't get enough.

Kelly, Modern June said...

I know this about you! Remember my DH bought those milk glass earrings from you last year. Man I love those!

I will wear them tomorrow!

rockergirrl said...

Oh yes. It made my day that he was buying those for you.