Sunday, January 13, 2008

I have PBSDS

and it is a nearly fatal condition. In layman's terms it called Post Busy Season Disaster Studio Disorder. Here is the ugly truth behind this debilitating disorder. Please, those with small children present and those with heart problems take caution.

Yikes, no wonder I was not making stuff, I mean who can sew on a table like this.

On Friday after school I just had to put an end to this madness, in 4 hours I had cleaned it all up with the exception of the orange bin. I still need to sort that out. Not too bad really!

Here is the plan for the studio and the bloggy goodness that is this silly little place you have come to read at, now that the ruble has been cleared I am going to spend the week fine tuning the room. I would love to move the furniture around but I am stumped on how I can do that.

So stay tuned every day I will have some new ideas to share and I will show you what I am up to down there in the cave, I mean studio that is as dark at a cave. Did I mention that I hate January, the lack of light drives me mad.

Oh look! That is the treadmill that I forgot I had, oh yeah it was covered with UFP's. I will have to start using that again no that I found it again.

See ya soon, Kelly


Suzanne said...

Holy moly, macaroni! (I do love the change to your site, by the way!) Your little transformation is looking good!!!! As for the light issue, the quickest, cheapest, and easiest thing you can do is just change out the light bulbs and get the GE Reveal 100 bulbs. It has a "white" light and not a yellow so your room will naturally look brighter! I get mine at Target.

Kelly McCants said...

I know it was REALLY BAD! I don't have a junk room in my home so the studio while not in use for a bit became that discard for now space!

I have some fun thing to do to get it all fine tuned! Thanks to you and your mad skills!

Great idea for the bulbs! Great idea I will hit target to day.

your so great. take care, kelly

rockergirrl said...

My studio (aka the basement space I call my studio) is so overtaken with stuff I haven't been able to work down there. I need to do a power clean also so I can start creating again. You have inspired me to get down there and get to it.