Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Studio Makeover: Paper work

When you are running your own little shop you are surrounded by paper. What do you do with all those orders, the shopping lists and the endless to do list? Well you head over to Suzanne's site Let's talk organizing and see what your organizational solution is. Personally I am a visual person through and through, if I put a list in a notebook you can bet I will NEVER EVER look at it again. So dry erase board and 4 clip boards to the rescue.

I use the magnetic dry erase board for notes to self and what I need to do right away! It is my in-my-face-can-not-forget spot.

As for the clip boards I got that idea from Ace of Cakes, they have an entire wall of clip boards that they use for orders. I had to do this. I rounded up the stray clip boards that we already had, yes we actually have 5, who knew? We used to have them for the kids to color with in the car. Any who, I took them out back and spray painted them all one color so make them pretty.

What are they for you ask? Etsy orders, shopping list, Weekly To Do list, and Craft show info.
The shopping list has 3 columns one for local fabric stores, one for oilcloth orders, and the other for I wish I had items. I am constantly forgetting what I am running low on so I use this sheet to right it down right away. The craft show clip board is for the applications and for the show details, no more looking through piles of paper looking for where I am supposed to park or what size my booth is.

Thanks so much to all those that have been so nice in the comments. You all are right, I don't have a big budget in fact I have no budget. I like using what I have. It just makes sense. Plus my stuff is cuter that the typical org stuff. I love going to the attic or shed and looking around to find something that could be used for a new purpose. So come back soon there is much more to come!

Later that night.... Hi again I am down in the cave tonight trying to focus on getting this clutter off my sewing table. I just had the best thought what if I had a budget. Sweet Dreaming! Here is the fantasy workroom that I wrote for my RCM profile.

Now I have given my fantasy space a whole lot of thought! I would fill the room with 1950's metal cabinets painted lipstick red. There would be so many drawers that I would have empty ones for at least a year. I would have Boomerang Formica surfaces with the chrome edges.

There would be French doors looking out onto a garden patio. On the patio there would be electrical outlets and a great big table so I could sew out there on nice days. There would be a wall of shelves for fabric and a wall of windows for light. Instead of ironing boards I would have a pressing table, just like they had in the costume shop at Theatre Virginia. I would have a cutting table with the same metal cabinet underneath. Yep lots of drawer there too. I would have place set up just for wrapping, tagging and shipping, all the supplies on hand. A perminate place to take photos would be totally dreamy. It would save so much time to be able to just have it all set up, organized ready to go.

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Suzanne said...

Ms. Kelly! My son and I are catching up on our blog reading and we LOVE your dream space and I am so glad you are utilizing your Visual Organizing Style! (Your bathroom is looking great!!!!)