Monday, January 7, 2008

favorite fabric

OH MY! Oh my!

The sale of the year comes early! Repro Depot has their Marimekko fabric on sale! Up to 50% off, no lie!

I am loving this! A LOT! I have a bath room that needs some serious love and I need some serious inspiration. the great thing about our tiny bathroom is that there is not a need for much fabric so I could use something like this to make a big impact! HMMMMMMMM!

Authentic Marimekko fabric from Finland!
Print designed by Erja Hirvi in 2005.

The fabric has a 33 in vertical repeat. You could make a three panel fabric wall art. Like How about orange shows us how to do! OH I like this idea a lot! Maybe not for the bath room but over the fireplace!!!! Thinking, thinking, thinking, all ways thinking!

Stay tuned I have some groovy ideas stirring up!

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