Tuesday, January 1, 2008

365 day of blogging?

Ok I do this against my better judgement but here goes, we shall see if I can really pull this off!

If you are crazy enough to join me please let me know, I will read your blog if you read mine! Leave me comment so I know your crazy too!

Here is the link! Blog365.ning.com

Blog 365
The 2008 Blog Marathon!
NaBloPoMo x 12


Leendaluu said...

Hi Kelly,

I purchased two oilcloth aprons from you for my 5 year old twins for Christmas. I just wanted to give you some feedback...the girls love the aprons and wear them to help me in the kitchen almost daily. Thank you so much for your exceptional craftsmanship.


Sharon said...

Whoa! 365 days of blogging! Not sure if I'm crazy enough to join in, but I might be...let me sleep on it.
I actually read your blog every day anyway, but it'll be fun to see something new everyday!

Kelly McCants said...

Linda! you are so sweet! thanks for the hugh you sent me via etsy convo! I am so glad you girls are in the kitchen with you!

your not only making dinner your making memories!

I would love to post a photo of them in their aprons if you don't mind!

you can email me at kelly@modernjune.com

Kelly McCants said...

Sharon, you are a smart woman not to be so crazy! thanks for reading my blog everyday. And I love yours too! thanks, Kelly

Vicki Riley said...

Hi Kelly,
This is my goal to post on my blog everyday. I have been so bad in not doing this. This is a great reminder. I am going to post now.