Monday, January 28, 2008

Update: Homeschool pinky swear!

I am determined to keep my homeschool pinky swear that I made last June. I have been really at keeping everything in the files. There are times when I get lost in a sea of school work. When this happens I just collect all my piles and file it all away. Each child has a accordion file and a big art portfolio. I made portfolios out of a sheet of poster board and some tape. Easy peasy! I needed to do this today. I needed to prove to myself that we do accomplish a lot over time even if we didn't get much done today.

I tell you those kids are making me insane. Home school has been fight school. This morning they were so snippy with each other that we ended up doing school in two different rooms. That was not fun for me. I spent the day saying no, and be quite and please be nice to your sibling. URG. I know that it is winter and all that but I am dying over here.

Maddie had a great idea at lunch she suggested that we played a game. So after 15 minute of me time on the sunny front porch we all played The Kansas City Monopoly. We actually made it through an hour long game with out tears, even though I won. Don you were wrong the game is not evil : )

I have had this game for years and years and haven't played it until today. I believe that my Mom sent it to me on my first Christmas away from home. It is nearly 17 years. I guess it is about time somebody plays with it. I wonder how many of the businesses are closed or under different names. For example I know the Jones Store Co. is now Macy's.

Funny how even with all the trouble we had a really great day. Who would have figured?


DonsSword said...

Actually, I think I bought you that Monopoly game the first time I came to KC.

And yes, I preach that Monopoly is one of the "Trio of Terror" of childhood games, which includes Candyland as well as Chutes and Ladders. Gaming with these abominations is sure to bring tears, or an overturned board. They are like musical chairs at birthday parties -- a cruel torture to find out which child has a cold black heart, as the rest of the children cry and pout, one by one, as they are winnowed down to the last -- "THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!" Musical chairs is a strategic re-enactment of the Friday the 13th slasher films, as each child gets knocked off, one after the other. Melodramatic -- YES!!! I wear that word tattooed across my forehead.

Sure, you may have fond memories of these games from childhood, but that was because they were the only games you would get for your birthday from friend's whose parents did not know your parents. And how many times do you remember actually playing these games by the rules, or just making it up up as you went along? Every time I am at Target or Walmart, and watch someone pick up a copy of "Sponge Bob Monopoly," I scream "FIRE!" and pull the fire alarm, gloating that I have saved another child from the tears and emotional scars invoked by the TRIO OF TERROR (BTW-the only reason you get no tears with Monopoly, is because no one can figure out how to play the darn thing). Only "Clue" is worthy to by played "well," as long as a certain someone stops cheating.

Better to spend your money on "Snail's Pace Race" by Ravensburger (one of those co-op games that can be repurposed to a more fun betting game when the munchkins get older), "Chomp" by GameWright, "Ricochet Robots" by Rio Grande Games, Chess, or teach them "Carcassone" (yes, there may be pouting with Carcassone--there was this weekend, but we always return to play it again).

Kelly, Modern June said...

Oops, sorry I thought it was from my Mom. And you have been trying to get rid of it ever since. That is funny!

now don't go ranting on my blog! ;-)

Christi said...

Um, Don? I think you win the award for longest blog comment EVER. LOL But I always hated musical chairs.

And, Kelly, now I know why you didn't answer the phone this morning. Ha! I'll catch up with you later, my friend.

Carol said...

I can't even imagine how you do it. It seems that it's all I can do to keep my 3 girls from killing each other at night and on weekends...nevermind trying to teach them math.
Monoploy has a lot of teaching opportunities, so it all worked!

Anonymous said...

Don, Don, Don. Admitting that I am not familar with any of the games you approve of except Clue so I can not include them. But stop and think is there a board game or card game that there is more than one winner? Also, Kelly, you a smart to include games in M & A schooling. They not only get them to use math, it also teaches reasoning and even sharing. So I say go Kelly and I have Candy Land and Chuttes and Ladders if you need to borrow them.

lynnie said...

I need to do something like that, but M. isn't writing much yet. I'd have like two things to put in a science folder. Do you keep a log and include that in the folders? Take pictures for records? I think M. will do the CAT this year, but I'd like to give portfolio a try for her.

Lee's always done the CAT, partly because I know I'd be a lousy record keeper. But I'm thinking of doing both for his highschool years. That way he'll have scores for the city and portfolios for any potential teen programs or colleges.

Kelly, Modern June said...

HI Lynn,

I do add photos. If I were really on top of this I would be printing those off as we went along. But alas I have long way to go still.

I do have a notebook for record keeping but I hardly ever use it. Once every blue moon I get it out and write down the weeks work. I make copies of these for Dr. Williams and she gets to see some typical weeks throughout the year. I give her one from the fall, winter and spring.

I will find the links to the lists that I kinda us and post them later.