Monday, October 8, 2007

I love me some shoes!

I want these shoes! I know exactly what my Mother would say "why do you wear such ugly shoes?" Cuz I love them! They seem so period! So dated, ya know? These are like a funky version of a 19th century woman's shoe crossed with a mans oxford!!! Does it get any better?

I have been watching Pride and Prejudice while sewing up a storm. Well I am listening to it! I am in a Jane Austen kind of mood! If you look back at the dresses of that day you will see a very similar silhouette to what you can find for sale at the mall. Very romantic and pregnant looking!

Can you tell that I am stalling? I really have tons of work to do. I have piles of junk to find a home for, my dining room has become unfinished school project palace. Not to mention dinner to make!

Ok, so off to work with my lame self! I will report back with some Christmas products, the ones that had me up for hours last night worrying about. I see now why I am so cranky today, I forgot about my two hours of reading spree. I am reading some silly book about some dumb chick that has no clue her boyfriend is gay! I mean come on! Ok Kelly stop rambling and WORK!

Maybe Colin Firth can get me in to the studio! Sorry Don!


Christi said...

OMG, Kelly, if you ever spend $158 on a pair of shoes, do I have your permission to stop you?? LOL They are very cute, I must say. Maybe they'll go on sale some day.

Kelly McCants said...

Yes you totally have my express permission to smack me up side the head if I spend that much on shoes! I only dream of such shoes! I really shop at ye ol' happy target or payless for such things!

No worries I will not flake out, I am only lusting for them!

Anonymous said...

Love the shoes. Back in the day - no not Jane Austin's but mine- I had a pair very much like those but in brown and another that were actually red and white and I love, love, loved them. Oh by the way knowing me I probably paid less than $20.00 each. Now can you guess when back in the day was?

Kelly McCants said...

Those high heeled spectators sound incredible! You were so sassy! I should have known that about you Janet!