Thursday, October 11, 2007

Halloween mood!

Yahoo! the weather finally got chilly here in the city of Richmond, Va! And let me say it is about darn time! I love it.

I spent and hour laying on the couch reading to the kids about Jamestown while wrapped up in my favorite quilt. Then the kids and I just took a walk through the hood and dreamed about jumping in piles of leaves! We have loads of leaves to come. Before Halloween we let the leaves pile up and the make a maze in our front yard. It is not super big but the kids love it!

The other day I bought a ton of felt for my tree skirts that will be on sale at Feathernesters. When I got it home I kept thinking about what kind of things I could do with this for Halloween too. I always wanted to make spooky curtains. I saw some in a Martha Stewart Magazine long ago. I have not found my magazine yet so I looked around on line for the picture I have yet to find that either but check this out, Black Witch Curtains!!!! I am so doing this! I will post more about this in a day or two~

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lynn said...

Yay for the chilly weather! I've been waiting and waiting!

Those curtains are AWESOME! That Martha! She can even make a garbage bag into something cool!

I love the image of you and your babies snuggled up to read about Jamestown. I think I have a couple of those "Dear America" diary type books about Jamestown. The one(s?) I have are from the point of view of a young girl. Maybe M would like to read them?

Speaking of M.- my M. was asking about her the other day. She misses her. We still go the the park on Thursdays. I know you aren't doing co-op- but do you think you guys would be up for the park some time?