Friday, October 26, 2007

A bit of balance

Of late I am suffering from Burn Out. This is just not ok. With the busiest season upon me and school in full swing I just can not stop. So what to do. Well, cook of course. Today after working a full day I actually stopped working at 5:00 just like a real worker! I cleaned up the house and studio while the kids did webkinz on our computers. (they met and play online, weird right?)

I then took a break, flipping the channels I settled on Rachel Ray 30 Minute Meals. And then I did the unbelievable... I made what she was making! What was really shocking was that I actually had every single ingredient! Wow that panty list has helped out!

Let me tell you the BBQ Chicken Burgers with Slaw are super yummy! The kids wouldn't eat then but Mr. "Don I never eat burgers" loved them. I used ground turkey and also cut the fat and sugar in half. Still, they were wonderful! The slaw was great too. With tons left over I look forward to tomorrows lunch. Unfortunately the sweet potatoes fries are all gone!

Now with a full belly and bed time at hand I feel a bit of balance. Now if these kids would go off to bed and I could snuggle up for a movie with my man! I could get used to this! Happy weekend!


Christi said...

You know what Burn Out calls for, don't you? You need a dinner date with a good girlfriend. Ahem.

The BBQ turkey burgers look great!

Kelly McCants said...

you know it! Dinner Date it is, but first we need to haunt my front porch this Halloween.