Tuesday, October 23, 2007

H is for housewife

A word is just a word, I say have fun with it. So say "HOUSEWIFE". Dare to call yourself a housewife...
warning it takes practice!

Super fun illustration that Don emailed me weeks ago! Fun!

Take a minute and double click on the picture and read what it says.
We have a few of the things that were dreamt of.


shauna said...

Yes, but I'm still waiting on my dust-free floor. (And giant sized fruit...WTF?)

Anonymous said...

To all you youngsters out there.
Housewife is not a dirty word.

Kelly McCants said...

yeah what is up with the giant size fruit.

Giant sized genetically altered food, yikes! Not good but in a way happening!

Kelly McCants said...

Anonymous, i.e. Janet...you are right it is not a bad word! You are my housewife hero! Really!