Monday, October 8, 2007

State Fair!

We went to the State Fair of Virginia over the weekend,

Don took this photo, I love it!

Pig races! Where else can you see such a thing?

Check it out Aprons at the fair! Do I need to enter next year?

Yummy, this is what a Fair means to me! Next year it would be fun to see the judging!


Happy kids!
They giggled and giggled and giggled over the Penguin High Diving show!
The show was amazing!

All five at once and the tank was tiny! Crazy!


Courtney said...

Nice Ferris Wheel Don!

Kelly McCants said...

Hi C. He did good didn't he!

Glad to see that B.F.A at work!

Dawn Anderson said...

Yes - you should totally enter next year! I saw the apron display and thought of you!