Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Christmas Fabrics for 2007

My creation, originally uploaded by ModernJune.

Here is your sneak peek of the fabrics that Modern June will be making goodies out of. Tree skirts, Stocking and APRONS of course!


ronni said...

Love the peppermint candies! Can't wait to see the tree skirts. I will admit to having a slight problem with buying lots of Christmas items. It's really a problem.

Good to see you this past weekend. Take care.

shauna said...

I'm not sure if I'd rather have the peppermints around my tree or around my waist -- it's lovely fabric either way.

Kelly McCants said...

Shauna you crack me up! I love this fabric too! I found it last year after christmas. My beloved Hancock Manager told me that it never made it out of the back room and that is why I had never seen it. I was so excited it was 75% off! I got the entire bolt! But now that is all I have!

More bad news about the fabric FeatherNesters get almost every bit of the products made from it! I think I get to keep 2 little girl aprons and 1 stocking.

Kelly McCants said...

Uno (Ronni)

It was so great to see you too! Your booth rocked! I look forward to seeing more of the arabian night theme! On a less windy day of course!

I too have a problem with Christmas items!

I was never a collector but I have has some friend that have reinforced that in me! Janet if you are reading, yes I mean you!

Anonymous said...

Just for clarification, I used to live down the street from you. My husband, John, worked with Don.

ronni said...

Sorry, I forgot to sign in.

Kelly McCants said...

Duh, I am sorry I confused you with sew Ono! My bad! yes is was very very good to see you too! Don, while looking over my shoulder says "Hi" to you and John!

Thanks for checking out Modern June!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I'm reading - but I don't understand. We don't collect ok I'm making myself choke up.

I love, love, love the poinsetta print.

Kelly McCants said...

Dear anonymous... Janet! you are such teaser! I could blog about your collections for two straight months!